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Huawei unveils smart logistics at MWC

Steve Rogerson
March 6, 2019

Huawei released a smart logistics offering during last week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, aiming to help enterprises improve efficiency in fields such as transportation, distribution and warehousing, facilitate agile innovation in the logistics industry, and achieve digital, information-based and intelligent management.
Digital transformation is accelerating, and ecommerce is growing fast around the world. These changes are driving rapid growth throughout the logistics industry. It is expected that the annual revenue of the logistics industry will exceed trillions of dollars by 2025.
The development of big data, AI, IoT and other technologies is ushering the logistics industry into a new round of industrial revolution. They are critical for the logistics industry to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
The Huawei offering is built on its Ocean Connect IoT platform, NB-IoT and RFID technologies. The whole process of goods transportation is managed in a visualised manner, and cold-chain transportation monitoring improves safety and quality. In the last-kilometre delivery, intelligent scheduling of docks in the yard and sharing of transportation containers improve use of logistics resources. Digital management of warehouses makes warehouse management more intuitive and efficient.
The offering has been deployed in multiple factories and yards. It lets enterprises digitally manage the arrival time, waiting time, and loading and unloading time of suppliers’ vehicles, and intelligently schedule docks. The unloading efficiency in the yard and the on-time delivery rate of suppliers can be improved. Intelligent scheduling and management can lower costs and improve logistics efficiency.
Huawei says it will continue to explore and apply technologies to meet the increase in more logistics application scenarios, and help logistics industry achieve digital transformation.