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Huawei brings AI, blockchain and IoT to Hong Kong

Steve Rogerson
March 28, 2019

At its cloud summit this month in Hong Kong, Huawei’s president of the cloud global market Edward Deng (pictured) announced it was strategically investing in the city and the region in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and IoT.
The Chinese technology company said it wanted to contribute to the economic development of the Greater Bay area by helping enterprises embrace the intelligent future of cloud computing. The summit gathered together more than 1000 customers, partners, industry representatives and academics from Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macau.
Deng unveiled the following:

  • Huawei Cloud's enterprise intelligence (EI) full-stack AI will be available in Hong Kong from the end of March, offering enterprises 48 EI services, including the one-stop AI developer platform ModelArts, optical character recognition, natural language processing and video analysis.
  • Huawei Cloud is now offering blockchain services to help Hong Kong leverage blockchain's characteristics of decentralisation, irreversibility and traceability to solidify its position as an international financial and logistics hub.
  • Huawei Cloud has expanded its footprint, becoming the first international cloud provider to offer three availability zones in Hong Kong to provide users with secure and scalable cloud services that are easy to deploy.
  • IoT services are now available for all scenarios, providing secure and trusted three-step global access to more than 1000 object models.
  • The Huawei Enterprise overseas application store will open in April, with more than 40 independent software vendors offering 250 products in more than 16 categories to help users quickly purchase and obtain cloud resources and services.
"Huawei Cloud has six core advantages: most intelligent, most cost-effective, neutral and reliable, most suitable for organisations in the public sector and big enterprises, most expansive ecosystem, and best-in-class service and support,” said Deng. “These six core advantages are built on Huawei's aggregated R&D efforts and its core value of realising customer-centricity,"
In the era of digital transformation, cloud and AI technologies can be the fastest way for the region's enterprises and authorities to accelerate innovation and stimulate growth. With initiatives that focus on Hong Kong, Huawei Cloud says it is signalling its commitment to this market.
Speaking at summit, Zhang Yuxin, CTO of Huawei Cloud, explained why Huawei Cloud offered its customers full-stack services built on cloud and AI.
"Our vision is to join hands with our Hong Kong customers, industry partners and academic associations to build a smart future for this vibrant city, as well as to drive technology innovation and business development throughout the Greater Bay area," he said.
Huawei's services are particularly advantageous for Hong Kong's positioning as a hub to connect with the rest of the world. For example, Huawei Cloud Connect provides one-stop global compliance services, with more than 400 PoP nodes around the world to help enterprises create a global cloud network connecting more than 170 countries and regions within one minute. The Huawei HCS cloud stack provides a unified, full-stack and reliable hybrid cloud capability for large enterprises, bringing full-stack technology innovation to data centres and providing zero latency. It offers customers a seamless experience during system upgrades.
Huawei Cloud customers in Hong Kong include ICBC Asia, Phoenix TV, Freeman Securities, Skyworth Digital, TravelSky Technology and Four Directions, as well as many more across financial, technology, media and communications, campus and other industries. Huawei Cloud hopes to be rooted in Hong Kong and serve Hong Kong through being an expert partner to help local enterprises transform towards cloud and intelligence.
During the summit, Huawei announced the winners of the inaugural Huawei Cloud AI Developer Contest co-organised by Huawei Cloud, Hong Kong Society of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics (HKSAIR), and Hong Kong Science & Technology Park (HKSTP):
  • Winner: Team BDT from Hong Kong University of Science & Technology.
  • First runner-up: Team AI Phoenix from Hong Kong Baptist University.
  • Second runner-up: Team No Man Sky 5 from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
David Chung, Hong Kong SAR’s under secretary for innovation and technology, said: "The next round of industrial transformation will be driven by AI, and AI is one of the key I&T areas that Hong Kong focuses on, with the AIR@InnoHK being set up in the science park to pool the world's top scientific institutions and technology enterprises with local universities and research institutions to develop AI and robotics technologies."
Sixty teams of developers entered the contest. Under the theme "Love AI Cuisine", teams used Huawei Cloud 's full-stack ModelArts AI developer platform to develop an AI-coded system capable of identifying foods by learning from only a few sample images. The teams also faced questions from the judges from HKSAIR and HKSTP in a presentation round.
Chung, pictured above presenting the certificate to the winning team, praised the young participants of the contest and said: "I am thrilled with the creativity and innovation shown in your projects to solve our taste bud problems. AI + Talent are our future."
All winning teams will be invited to visit Huawei headquarters in Shenzhen to learn about AI development. The winning team is eligible to enter the semi-finals of the China Huawei AI contest and receives an internship opportunity with Huawei Cloud 's AI Lab, as well as Huawei Mate20 smartphones and Huawei Cloud vouchers. The first and second runners-up also receive an internship opportunity with Huawei Cloud 's AI Lab, Huawei Mate20 smartphones and Huawei Cloud vouchers.
Huawei Cloud also used the Hong Kong Summit to announce the launch of its AI Partners Club. Ten AI start-ups have joined the programme so far. The AI Partner Cloud is a global programme that helps partners build EI-based products and services by providing business, technical and marketing support, including training and consulting and incubation services. To meet the varied needs of start-ups, Huawei Cloud AI partner cloud is composed of an AI incubator, intelligent alliance, technical support alliance and consulting service alliance.
The first ten partners in the programme are companies that specialise in deep learning, voice recognition, data analytics, and visual and voice data labelling across the healthcare, retail, campus, education and fintech industries.