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HPE signs global OEM IoT security deal with 802 Secure

Steve Rogerson
June 20, 2019

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is to provide customers of California-based 802 Secure with servers, storage and networking to improve cyber physical security and protect themselves from IoT cyber attacks.
We are proud to work with HPE as a global OEM partner,” said Garry Drummond, 802 Secure's CEO. “802 Secure believes HPE's leadership in servers will enable 802 Secure to deliver its solutions to customers across a broad set of verticals."
802 Secure's cloud-based wireless sensor, AirShield, provides discovery and assessment of unmanaged IoT assets and risks beyond the traditional IT network to uncover building automation, physical security, shadow IoT and adversarial IoT within an organisation that could present a risk to data, compliance, safety, privacy and operations.
"802 Secure believes the addition of highly reliable HPE servers will allow 802 Secure to drive digital transformation offerings across IoT and edge technologies," said 802 Secure's chief strategy officer Mike Raggo. “This is accomplished through the performance, resiliency and versatility of HPE's industry-leading server technology, impacting safety, privacy, operations and compliance.
As organisations look to address IoT risks stemming from unmanaged building automation, operational technology and shadow IoT, 802 Secure provides wireless protection from these cyber physical security risks that extend beyond the network. The result is an innovative view to assist with asset management, security posture monitoring and protection from the plethora of IoT devices and networks found in virtually every organisation, beyond their traditional network.
"802 Secure's cyber physical security effectively fortifies IT and OT networks from IoT risks," said Phillip Cutrone, vice president at HPE. “By collaborating with 802 Secure, we are combining one of the industry's best cyber security solutions with the quality and reliability of the world's most secure industry-standard servers.”
802 Secure was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Emeryville, California.