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Honeywell launches midstream natural gas measurement portfolio

William Payne
August 23, 2016

Oil and gas technology supplier Honeywell has introduced a range of gas monitoring and measurement technologies aimed at helping midstream natural gas operators improve management and cut operating costs by up to 70 per cent.
“The need for accurate, reliable measurement has never been greater as the industry faces price volatility, tight margins and wide ranging gas qualities,” said David McNavish, product marketing manager for Houston-based Honeywell Process Solutions, speaking at the recent Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “Low prices and changing patterns of supply sources and demand mean customers need control and confidence across the distribution network.”
The range is built around three principal products: the TwinSonicplus ultrasonic gas meter; the Encal 3000 gas chromatograph; and the GasLab Q2 online gas quality analyser.
The TwinSonicplus is designed for custody transfer measurement, with double independent gas flow measurement in a single meter. The Encal 3000 is for shale gas composition, and designed for high repeatability and compositional accuracy. The GasLab Q2 provides continuous analysis of calorific value, Wobbe index and methane number to optimise billing, efficiency and emissions.
“Together these products and our total care field services allow Honeywell to offer a one-stop shop with the industry’s widest, most versatile and highest performing portfolio for natural gas measurement,” said McNavish.
According to the US Energy Information Administration, production of natural gas in the USA will grow by more than 50 per cent from 2015 to 2040. Associated infrastructure needed to transport that natural gas, including pipelines and measurement instrumentation, will also increase.