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Cogneau and Holisol apply data science to supply chains

Steve Rogerson
July 23, 2019

Indian companies Holisol Logistics and Cogneau Systems are using data science techniques in an artificial intelligence platform focused on the supply chain function.
Holisol, with its domain expertise of supply chain, and Cogneau Systems, an AI and big data company, first came together in 2017 to develop an AI product for the supply chain space. They developed Verdis, an AI platform built to operate even in the most complex functional environments such as those present in retail and automotive industries.
Verdis has the capabilities to help organisations balance between the twin challenges of responsiveness and efficiency by bringing in higher visibility, predictability and control over their key performance parameters.
Inventory optimisation is not dependent only on a better forecast of the demand changes in the market. Its real cause may depend on a host of other factors including freight, production variables, service levels, supplier linked factors as well as external variables such as raw material availability. Verdis highlights gaps in all these areas so that actions can be taken at the root level to optimise inventory in different categories, stages and geographical areas.
"Verdis is a powerful, AI driven supply chain specific solution and can be a game changer for organisations wanting to stay on top of SCM deliverables,” said Rahul Dogar, co-founder of Holisol Logistics.
The increased demand volatility, multiple channels and supply chain complexity are all impacting order management. Verdis helps get control on all parts of the order fulfilment ecosystem including demand, production and delivery environment. Whether it is an improper production mix, transporter issues, capacity constraints, channel constraint or the impact of any external event such as the weather, it provides insights to take action and improve order fulfilment.
Supply chain costs are a function of short-term operational actions and the long-term transformational changes. Verdis helps with both as it starts with operational insights but delivers strategic insights over time as its understanding of the business context grows. Whether it is inventory, logistics including transportation and warehousing, sales parameters, supplier and manufacturing, or external factors such as weather and fuel prices, it gives actionable leads to hit at inefficiencies and cut down costs.
Holisol is an end-to-end provider in the supply chain space. With a combined experience of more than 200 years in this space, it offers a logistics platform in multi-channel retail, transportation and industrial packaging, supply chain consulting and a suite of technology products to digitalise the supply chain across the verticals.
Sunil Mehta, co-founder of Cogneau Systems, added: "Holisol's deep understanding of the supply chain along with the intelligence of Verdis has created a product that will prove to be the differentiating factor for organisations aspiring to stay competitive in the face of increasing complexity and uncertainty in the supply chain."
Headquartered in Delhi, Holisol has a workforce of more than 250.