Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Epam and Here collaborate on IoT asset tracking

Steve Rogerson
February 1, 2018:
Pennsylvania-based Epam Systems, a provider of digital platform engineering and software development services, is collaborating with open location platform company Here Technologies to create IoT-based asset tracking for the transportation, logistics, distribution and fleet management industries.
The combination of Here location technology for high-accuracy end-to-end tracking of goods, services and content and Epam’s IoT capabilities, including development of a range of connected devices to infrastructure and integration capabilities, should help users create broad enterprise business models, as well as drive efficiencies across their organisations.
“As we continue to evolve our IoT services practice to include a broad range of vertical and horizontal use cases, partnerships with industry leaders like Here allow us to deliver powerful, context-aware and personalised solutions to enterprises and users alike,” said Eli Feldman, CTO at Epam. “Here tracking capabilities are logically extensible beyond transportation use cases and can cover a range of in-demand capabilities in our key verticals, including retail, media and entertainment and life sciences, in the future.”
Epam intends to build a digital platform for transportation, asset and fleet management companies using Here tracking as an integrated value-added capability. Here’s cloud platform as a service (PaaS) is for low-energy, high-accuracy and real-time tracking of goods and devices both indoors and outdoors.
Built on Here’s open location platform, it could provide the ability to offer a set of location and tracking services, including industry-grade maps for indoor venues and outdoor environments with geo-coding capabilities as well as accurate, energy-efficient indoor-outdoor positioning technology with offline capabilities that enable conventional tracking devices to work longer due to battery management.
Also included are tracking and geo-fencing APIs, and analytics API and visualisation tools.
“Commerce today is conducted at global scale, where supply chains and marketplaces transcend geography,” said, Leon van de Pas, SVP at Here Technologies. “At the same time, businesses can no longer afford operational inefficiencies as consumers expect goods and services to be delivered with unprecedented speed and reliability. The combination of Here tracking and Epam’s ability to quickly engineer and deliver IoT software is a powerful solution for any business to fundamentally increase its operational efficiency.”
Since 1993, Epam Systems has leveraged its core engineering expertise to become a product development and digital platform engineering services company. It has customers in more than 25 countries across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.