Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Here and Actility deploy LoRa for asset management

Steve Rogerson
July 24, 2018
French company Actility is combing its LoRaWan connectivity management platform with Here Technologies’ positioning capabilities for asset management in logistics and supply chain applications.
The partnership aims to improve the location capabilities of IoT services by pinpointing the position of assets accurately, seamlessly and continuously in indoor and outdoor environments.
The combined service can locate any asset, such as a tool or piece of equipment, with low energy consumption and low cost of ownership, for plant-to-store goods tracking or industrial supply chain transparency.
“Through our new partnership with Actility, we continue to increase our capabilities and presence in the IoT market,” said Francois Fortun, head of business development at Dutch firm Here. “Here is a worldwide leader in mapping and location services, providing the highest levels of accuracy and global coverage, and our on-going growth in this market underscores our position as the go-to location services provider for IoT technology.”
Through its partnership with Here, Actility brings a low-power location service to the market that combines GPS, A-GPS and wifi positioning. Here venue mapping and fingerprinting – information about the current set of wifi signals and signal strengths available to a mobile device at a given moment – capabilities improve indoor positioning precision, with an accuracy of five to seven metres.
“Asset tracking is a strategic market for Actility, especially since our acquisition of Abeeway last year, which strengthened our portfolio with a LoRaWan tracking device,” said Olivier Hersent, CEO of Actility. “Today, we are very enthusiastic to join forces with Here to fill what we believe to be a gap in the market: multi-country, low-power geolocation with increased accuracy in almost every situation and a compelling business case based on low total cost of ownership.”
Actility specialises in LoRaWan connectivity, a low-power wireless protocol for wide area networks that allows devices to communicate with IoT applications over long-range wireless connections and with an extended battery life. Actility powers more than 50 service providers in over 30 countries and enables managed enterprise networks for dedicated vertical IoT services. As a result, Actility can enable multi-country geolocation using its LoRaWan roaming hub and Abeeway, its subsidiary that makes low-power, long-life trackers.