Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

HCL and Microsoft tackle remote patient monitoring at incubation centre

Steve Rogerson
February 16, 2016
Indian company HCL Technologies has opened an IoT incubation centre in Washington, USA, designed to leverage the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite for remote patient monitoring applications.
The centre will build products focused on two key growth areas: industrial and manufacturing; and life sciences and healthcare, with use cases around industrial automation, remote patient monitoring and fleet management, among others. The centre will leverage real-time analytics, sensory data and rapid co-creation allowing users to experience the impact IoT can have on their ability to create sustainable business value.
“Innovation in today’s world requires invention and execution,” said Sukamal Banerjee, executive vice president at HCL Technologies. “The ability to rapidly prototype and bring solutions to market is a key to enterprise success in a hyper-innovative global environment. Industrial IoT is slated to be the next big productivity and revenue generation lever for enterprises worldwide. We are confident that our collaboration in this space will create some truly innovative and actionable industrial IoT solutions which are scalable, cost-effective and focused on user experience.”
The centre combines HCL’s heritage in engineering, product lifecycle management, systems integration and infrastructure services with Microsoft’s knowledge in the IoT space.
“One of the most transformative trends affecting businesses today is the internet of things,” said Susan Hauser, corporate vice president at Microsoft. “Together with HCL, we’re enabling companies to accelerate IoT adoption with industry-specific solutions that deliver greater business insights, new revenue models and speed return on investment. These capabilities are essential to creating greater impact and maintaining competitive advantage in the digital economy.”
HCL provides end-to-end IoT offerings for organisations across different levels of IoT maturity. It has three phases – define, build and run – to help design enterprise IoT programmes, develop IoT systems and manage uptime of enterprise systems.
Since its emergence on the global landscape after its IPO in 1999 and listing in 2000, HCL Technologies, along with its subsidiaries, operates out of 32 countries and has consolidated revenues of US$ 6.1bn.