Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Solar-powered wireless mesh network demonstrated at Hannover Fair

Steve Rogerson
April 16, 2015
Sol Chip and Linear Technology are demonstrating an indoor solar-powered wireless mesh network at this week’s Hannover Fair. The aim is to show how a solar-powered SmartMesh IP wireless network can enable maintenance-free IoT services.
California-based Linear Technology’s SmartMesh IP embedded wireless mesh networks is powered by Israel-based Sol Chip’s solar battery. The use of solar energy to power industrial IoT applications provides users with a maintenance-free wireless service, as no batteries are required for operation.
SmartMesh IP wireless mesh networks are built for IP compatibility, and based on 6LoWPan and 802.15.4e standards. They are said to achieve unsurpassed levels of networking resilience, reliability and scalability with advanced network management and comprehensive security.
The embedded wireless networks include Eterna SoC technology that enables up to eightfold lower power consumption even in harsh, dynamically changing RF environments. The networks can serve applications such as energy management, building automation, renewable energy and other implementations in smart infrastructure that require low power. 
Sol Chip’s solar battery integrates all the required components in a single unit to harvest and supply sustainable solar and light energy to low-power applications. The technology uses low-cost manufacturing flow, thereby increasing overall efficiency and decreasing design complexity.