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Hangar A launches digital logistics platform for air cargo

Steve Rogerson
October 1, 2109
Chicago-based logistics technology company Hangar A has commercially launched a digital logistics platform for the air cargo industry.
Hangar A's digital platform is SaaS based and provides a complete end-to-end digital process for moving domestic US air cargo. The platform empowers shippers with transparency, real-time visibility and control of their air-freight shipping process, offering shippers automation to build and optimise their last-kilometre supply chain.
With Hangar A, shippers can book, track and manage all their air cargo shipments from one location, streamlining the air shipping process and increasing automation. Using this platform, shippers can eliminate most of the manual, time consuming tasks involved in air freight logistics, reducing transaction time by a claimed up to sixty per cent.
Hangar A has built an open, flexible and automated enterprise class platform designed to offer out-of-the-box capabilities that let shippers fully customise their transportation process. The platform delivers tools, such as dynamic rate management, workflow automation and decision support, along with unlimited access to an independent marketplace of service providers to move their goods door to door.
"For the first time, shippers are being given complete transparency and control of their air freight shipping process," said Kevin Kerns, Hangar A CEO. "In today's highly competitive market, shippers are facing tremendous price pressures and increasing consumer demand for faster delivery services. Utilising Hangar A's innovative air logistics platform, shippers have the opportunity to cut total transportation and labour costs by up to twenty per cent."
Shippers can either subscribe to the Hangar A SaaS platform to build and manage their proprietary last-kilometre supply chain, or, if a shipper would prefer to outsource the fulfilment process to Hangar A, the shipper can elect to use Hangar A's logistics-as-a-service offering.
With logistics-as-a-service, Hangar A and its TSA-certified logistics team will handle the entire booking and confirmation process for the shipper. With either option, the shipper will have total visibility of the end-to-end air freight process and all the transportation data will be made available to the shipper to run on-demand cost and performance analytics.
Hangar A's goal is to offer shippers decision support in the air cargo industry. Beyond track and trace capabilities, it offers shippers on-demand analytics and decision support tools that provide insights and better transportation decisions, using intelligent flight search to optimise routing, dynamic rate management to spot pricing advantages, on-demand cost and performance metrics, and online tools to evaluate alternative shipping options.
"In my thirty years in the air logistics industry, I have never seen a product with the level of automation that Hangar A provides its air freight shippers," said Scott Kowalczyk, Hangar A’s vice president of global logistics. "With Hangar A's advanced air logistics platform, shippers can book, track and manage air shipments faster and easier than ever before, leveraging tools to optimise routing, labour efficiency, and costs on each and every shipment."
Judith Taylor, an independent supply chain consultant, added: "Hangar A's approach to putting shipping optimisation at the fingertips of air freight shippers is a game changer. It will give companies the opportunity to compete without having to invest millions of dollars in logistics systems infrastructure."