Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Haier unveils internet of clothing vision

Steve Rogerson
July 2, 2019

Chinese company Haier has unveiled its vision of an internet of clothing, where clothes interact with appliances.
The aim is for people not to worry about shrinking favourite sweaters or fiddling around with tiny labels, or even ironing clothes. As a move towards that vision, the company unveiled at a launch event last month in Wuhan its latest products primed for a world in which clothes connect to the network.
The range includes:

  • Qianhe washing machine: A 601mm ultra-sonic air-washing machine that converts water into micron particles that can permeate through clothes fabrics to smooth out creases, making it possible for users to enjoy iron-free washing.
  • Yiren washing machine: An outer-drum-free washing machine. The design of removing the outer drum and leaving the water-tight inner drum has solved the dirty drum problem-plagued in the traditional washing machine, eliminating the possibility of the trapped dirt causing contamination to newly-washed clothes.
  • Casarte fusion washing plus care machine: Designed for luxury items, this offers a four-in-one product for air-washing, water-washing and heat pump drying for 7 to 10kg loads. Aiming to provide proactive washing services, the built-in sensor activates the device as users approach and automatically sets up the procedures throughout the washing and drying according to clothes material identified by the machine.
  • Leader 2 washing machine: This comes with an AI backed virtual laundry assistant able to make recommendations on fabric care and laundry settings. It remains operational without access to the internet, making it an independent, intelligent terminal. With anti-mould and 3D-shower washing technology, it prevents the growth of mildew and bacteria.
  • U+ app: Using this mobile app for the washing machine, users can get access to the information on water quality and water temperature in the region. The material and brand of the clothes can be recognised by the machines, customising washing for the user based on the density and brand of the washing liquid.
"We take real-life scenarios as the primary source of innovation to boost Haier's breakthrough in the industry,” said a Haier spokesperson. “From creating world-class washing machines to building an eco-system of smart washing solutions, the company's contribution to clean and hygienic lifestyle has pioneered a new frontier in the industry."
During the event, Haier gave an insight into how homes of the future might work using integrated appliances throughout the house. Demonstrating the smart balcony concept, the company showed how devices communicate with the independent washing machine and drying rack, which are automatically interacted to complete washing and drying cycles.
Shoe cleaning and caring is another uncharted field the company has been exploring. Haier presented a machine that matches the customised washing and caring procedure to shoes of different types and styles.
"We have expanded the focus of Haier washing machine from its functionality to a management platform that oversees the entire life cycle of clothes,” said the spokesperson. “By compiling multifaceted resources about clothing brand and washing products, our products can provide users with all-around solutions for washing, protection, storage, clothes pairing and purchase."
Under its three-in-one localisation strategy – combining design, manufacturing and sales – Haier says it is delivering innovative smart washing devices to users, building up a robust foundation for its smart home ecosystem and brand portfolio.