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Google to provide platform for JDA supply chain services

Steve Rogerson
June 18, 2015
Arizona-based JDA Software is to deliver its cloud-based omni-channel and supply chain services via the Google cloud platform. Through this collaboration, Google will provide a scalable and flexible technology platform via the cloud to support JDA’s future application development and delivery.
“Google’s cloud platform offers the unparalleled speed, performance, scalability and reliability we need to launch truly differentiated solutions,” said Serge Massicotte, executive vice president and chief technology officer at JDA Software. “After thoroughly evaluating potential platform as a service (PaaS) providers, JDA chose to work with Google due to its unsurpassed technology platform, investments and deep culture of innovation.”
This collaboration, which will accelerate the development of JDA’s next generation cloud services, is JDA’s most recent initiative aimed at delivering products and services for its customers. With R&D investment in supply chain and omni-channel services, the company recently formed JDA Labs – a 50-person dedicated research and development group committed to delivering patents, best practices and new products. Google cloud platform initiatives will be developed out of the JDA Labs in Montreal.
“A PaaS solution like Google’s app engine removes the constraints of on-premise technology,” said John Sarvari, JDA’s group vice president of technology, in a blog post. “For example, we provide a solution to forecast sales for both manufacturers and retailers so they can purchase, produce and sell more products more efficiently. Forecasting demands that we process hundreds of millions of pieces of data. Google’s cloud platform provides the technology that allows us to integrate additional data, like social media, weather and IoT information (such as sensors that report agricultural conditions) to increase forecast accuracy to ensure the right product is available to serve the needs of our customers – and their customer – at the optimal time.”
JDA’s work with Google also complements JDA’s recently announced Flex platform strategy, which connects JDA’s existing cloud-based and on-premise services with next generation services built on Google’s cloud platform.
“With thousands of successful customers — including 21 customers named as part of the Gartner Supply Chain top 25 for 2015 — JDA has clearly established its leadership in delivering world-class retail and supply chain solutions,” said Massicotte. “To maintain and expand that leadership, JDA is focused on developing new innovative products and services that will truly change the supply chain landscape. By working with Google — an established innovation leader — JDA will concentrate on working with our customers to co-develop these ground-breaking solutions with Google’s cloud platform, providing an unmatched foundation. It’s a huge win-win for JDA customers, who will benefit from best-in-class solutions, delivered rapidly, from two proven market leaders working together.”
Dan Powers, cloud platform director at Google, added: "We're thrilled that JDA has chosen to work with Google’s cloud platform to develop their next generation of products and services that will change the supply chain landscape. The supply chain and omni-channel industry is ripe to benefit from the innovation, scale and flexibility of our public cloud offering and, by betting on Google, JDA can now focus on creating high impact business solutions while quickly adapting to meet customer needs."
This month, JDA is taking part in the keynotes at a series of Google cloud platform events worldwide that highlight how the companies plan to work together. JDA executives this week and last have had featured speakers at Next events in New York and San Francisco and next week will be in London and Amsterdam.
“Google and JDA both have a good history of identifying and launching technology innovations that add value for their customers,” said Bob Parker, group vice president at IDC Industry Insights. “With the founding of JDA Labs and other initiatives, JDA has demonstrated a strong commitment to research and development. Now, Google’s cloud platform should ensure that the resulting innovations reach the market faster.”