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Worlds smallest GNSS module suits M2M wearable applications

Steve Rogerson
January 7, 2015
Aimed at M2M and wearable applications, the W2SG0021i industrial-temperature miniature GNSS module from Canadian firm Wi2Wi is based on the recently introduced CSR SiRF Star V chip.
The GNSS receiver is for portable applications. It can concurrently track multiple satellite constellations (GPS, Glonass, BDS, SBAS and Galileo ready). Its fast time-to-first-fix, small form factor and high receive sensitivity make it suitable for a broad spectrum of OEM products.
This module provides commercial-grade GNSS location identification over -40 to +85ËšC and, at 7 by 7mm, it is claimed to be the world’s smallest stand-alone GNSS module.
“M2M and wearable markets require GNSS modules with high position accuracy, low power and very small form factor,” said Wi2Wi’s chief technology officer Tony Fardanesh, “and Wi2Wi pushes these limits in its GNSS, Wifi and Bluetooth solutions.”
Hans Black, Wi2Wi’s chairman, added: “Precision location features and the small form factor of W2SG0021i enable Wi2Wi to penetrate into the GNSS market globally. Wi2Wi continue to invest in research and development of high precision connectivity solutions, timing devices and frequency controllers to the global customer base.”
Samples of the W2SG0021i and a development kit will be available early this year.