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GN ReSound designs hearing aid for Apple Watch

Steve Rogerson
June 2, 2015
GN ReSound and Designit have created what they claim to be the first hearing aid interface for the Apple Watch. The two Danish companies believe this marks the next generation of connected hearing technology.
The ReSound Smart application has been designed to improve personalisation, control and comfort in the everyday lives of people living with hearing loss. Focusing on user needs, the companies identified four features made possible by the Apple Watch: an intuitive and convenient way of controlling the hearing aids; fast and discreet adjustment in social settings; an improvement of the visual user interface that enhances ease of use; and easy access to location-aware features that enable automatic adjustment.
User research and prototyping led to an elegant user interface and a navigational concept crafted specifically for the compact face and interactive features of the Apple Watch. The accessible touchscreen allows users to adjust settings quickly as they move through changing environments, increasing control, comfort and clarity while reducing the stigma and discomfort often associated with traditional hearing aids.
The app lets users create smart, location-aware audio profiles that can be saved and activated by geotagging, helping users move seamlessly through their everyday lives without having to manage their hearing aid. 
The application is available for download in the Apple Store now.
Designit is a strategic design firm working to solve complex problems. GN ReSound is an international developer and manufacturer of hearing healthcare products. It produces 2.4GHz and Bluetooth Smart products, and its main device is the ReSound Linx 2 hearing aid.