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Gfi and Tata partner on French smart cities initiatives

Steve Rogerson
December 8, 2015
Indian company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is partnering France-basedGfi Informatiqueon digital initiatives in public transportation, water and energy with the aim to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies in France’s fast-growing smart cities market.
The two companies will offer the IUX intelligent urban exchange analytics software developed by TCS. The software uses real-time and historical data to close the loop between citizen and city needs and the supply of services, such as transportation, water and energy.
The contract is a culmination of TCS’s knowledge of the global smart city market – a $1.6tn opportunity by 2020 – and Gfi’s relationships with local public sector organisations to provide system integration and localisation in France. Gfi will use IUX analytics software to support digital initiatives that enhance public services for citizens, make efficient use of resources and improve the environment to help boost France’s intelligent city programmes.
“Our first commitment is to meet the expectations of cities, including its citizens, elected officials and economic stakeholders with innovative solutions for operational efficiency, new revenue opportunities and citizen satisfaction,” said Vincent Rouaix, Gfi chairman and CEO. “This partnership enables us to quickly add value to our digital technology offerings in the public sector, such as our City Hub mobile portal or our Public CRM, as well as to leverage data and applications to promote a coordinated, systematic roll-out and sustained growth of smart cities, bringing greater value to everyone involved.”
Gfi will include the IUX as part of its value-added capabilities to address market requirements and deliver benefits to smart city programmes in France. The scalable, modular software combines big data and domain specific analytics to provide cities, utilities or transport operators with real-time, actionable insights and deliver cost-effective operations across multiple intelligent city domains, such as transportation, water, energy, open governance and city commerce.
“Gfi are experts in the French public sector, and their experience in this market coupled with TCS IUX will be a valuable asset to intelligent city development,” said Seeta Hariharan, general manager of TCS. “The agreement introduces advanced analytics software capabilities to expand Gfi’s approach to unite and leapfrog the digital transformation of public sectors to build new revenue streams and create a culture of more fully engaged, satisfied citizens.”
• Gfi is planning a friendly takeover of a majority stake in Mannai, a Qatar-based software and services company involved in information and communications technology, automotive distribution, jewellery retailing, heavy equipment distribution and services, and engineering services to the oil and gas sector.