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GE acquires ShipXpress to extend supply chain portfolio

Steve Rogerson
September 13, 2016

GE Transportation has acquired ShipXpress, a Florida-based provider of cloud-based software that enables transportation, industrial and commodities businesses to operate efficiently with supply chain partners.
The deal extends GE Transportation’s portfolio into the logistics value chain, giving it offerings for shippers, and expanding its ability to deliver information and transaction services for railroad customers around the world.
“By combining ShipXpress’ innovative software products with GE’s sensing technology and industrial-strength platform Predix, we’ll deliver the industry’s most advanced, scalable cloud-based solution to accelerate the movement of goods and information, and enhance supply chain performance and customer service,” said Jamie Miller, GE Transportation president and CEO. “Our combined capabilities will help short-line railroads better analyse their rail operations, car accounting and supply chain information, and deliver a data-rich path to on-going performance improvement, asset and operations optimisation.”
This acquisition also deepens GE Transportation’s domain expertise, enriching the division with a talent pool of nearly 200 industry, technical and software development experts.
"We are thrilled to become part of GE Transportation’s digital team and transform the role of rail, truck and other modes of transport in global supply chain management," said Raghu Misra, co-CEO and co-founder of ShipXpress.
Seth Maerowitz, the other co-CEO and co-founder, added: "Through this integration, we will help our customers achieve the promise of real-time collaboration among trading partners, the industrial internet; greater control, lower costs and increased operational efficiencies."
GE Transportation is a division of GEC, which began as a pioneer in passenger and freight locomotives. GE Transportation is headquartered in Chicago, and employs approximately 10,000 people worldwide.
ShipXpress provides cloud-based software that enables transportation, industrial and commodities businesses to operate and collaborate efficiently with their supply chain partners. Major North American railroads and Fortune 500 companies in the energy, agriculture, chemicals and metal industries use ShipXpress to deliver customised supply chain services.