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Geo combines smart meter and heating control

Steve Rogerson
October 29, 2019

UK firm Geo has launched a combined smart meter and heating controller so householders can have visibility into their home energy use while taking control of their heating and hot water.
Called Trio + Heating, it made its debut at this month’s Future of Utilities Smart Energy exhibition in London.
It was developed to meet the growing demands for simple but effective tools that provide both insight into whole home energy consumption and the ability to control and manage it.
The development phase of Trio + Heating, which will be available through energy suppliers, was co-funded by a £300,000 grant from the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.
The product combines two of Geo’s smart energy products. The first is the Trio II in-home display, a smart energy monitor, and the second is the Cosy smart thermostat. Control is managed through the display, a mobile phone app or by using devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Home.
As a result, Trio + Heating provides visibility of whole home energy consumption as well as delivering control over heating and hot water.
“Consumers increasingly look to their energy provider for guidance when it comes to improving management of their home energy usage,” said Patrick Caiger-Smith, CEO at Geo. “Trio + Heating delivers energy suppliers with the ideal solution. Not only does it put control firmly in the hands of their customers, it also gives them the visibility they need to make positive changes and reduce their energy costs. The added bonus for suppliers is that it can also increase customer acceptance of smart meter installations.”
The system includes the Trio Touchscreen IHD, boiler switch, under floor heating controller, room temperature sensor and an app for iOS and Android.
Features include multi-zone heating control, weather compensation, schedules and efficiency modes, which deliver typical claimed energy savings of up to 12.5%. The product’s awareness of energy consumption and cost information from the smart meter enables it to provide personalised insights and customer energy saving advice.
It can be installed by a competent smart meter installer during a smart meter installation visit.
It has an 8.9cm capacitive colour touch screen measuring 320 by 480 pixels. Connectivity is through 2.4GHz wifi, ZigBee SEP connectivity to smart meters at 2.4GHz and Legato 868MHz connectivity to smart thermostat devices such as temperature sensors, boiler control switch and electric heating control switch. It is firmware over-the-air upgradeable.