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GENCO introduces scalable warehousing for healthcare logistics

William Payne
November 11, 2016

Third party logistics specialist and software provider GENCO is expanding its network with a multi-tenant warehousing solution. The new solution is particularly aimed at the logistics needs of North American healthcare customers. GENCO says that its multi-tenant warehousing will provide small and medium-sized manufacturers top-tier supply chain solutions traditionally used by only large-scale customers in dedicated facilities.

Currently available in the U.S. and Canada, this solution allows multiple manufacturers to operate alongside each other in one warehouse — while utilising a designated space equipped with a shared technology platform.

The new GENCO multi-tenant facilities are located in Memphis, Tennessee, and Milton, Ontario, Canada, and they comprise 1,100,000 square feet and 400,000 square feet of space, respectively. 

GENCO says the warehouses feature state-of-the-art infrastructure, have support to store and distribute virtually all classes of healthcare products and include advanced warehouse, labor and quality management technology. The facilities will also be properly licensed to support kitting and relabeling activities. 

The Memphis facility is positioned near the global FedEx Super Hub, and the Milton facility is in close proximity to the FedEx Express Canada hub located at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

The solution benefits customers by increasing access to flexible cost structures, rapid scalability and the GENCO and FedEx service portfolios. Particularly valuable for healthcare manufacturers, the multi-tenant approach is designed to help manage regulatory compliance and alleviates fixed operating costs.

“Due to increasing margin pressures within the healthcare industry, manufacturers of medical devices, diagnostic testing and pharmaceuticals are hyper-focused on streamlining their supply chain and enhancing overall efficiency in order to stay competitive,” said Kevin J. McPherson, Vice President of Healthcare at GENCO. “We can better help healthcare customers, of all sizes, with their logistics challenges by offering this more flexible solution. It allows our customers to focus less on their supply chain and more on developing innovative products and services that improve the cost, quality and availability of patient care.”

“In today’s healthcare environment of rapid change, manufacturers need a solution that allows their supply chain costs to adapt to changing business needs,” said McPherson. “At GENCO, we understand that our customers are faced with challenges to reduce costs, maintain flexibility and improve efficiency. We’re committed to advancing our solutions and keeping an open dialogue to help our customers deliver the best patient outcomes.”