Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Great Bay delivers visibility for connected medical devices

Steve Rogerson
May 1, 2018

Minnesota-based Great Bay Software has launched a platform to deliver visibility into IoT and medical devices on hospital networks. Its sixth-generation product is said to address the security and operational challenges associated with IoT adoption.
Among those challenges is the lack of visibility into managed and unmanaged devices on the network, limiting IT and security's ability to determine device identity and connectivity, where they are located and how they are behaving.
"Now more than ever, as an increasing number of IoT and medical devices are no longer associated with a single user and cannot be managed by traditional security software, organisations are struggling to establish device trust and prevent unauthorised devices from gaining network access," said Dino Balafas, VP of product management at Great Bay Software. “For healthcare providers, this lack of visibility and control exposes them to cyber attacks that could jeopardise patient safety and continuity of care.”
These device types also create operational problems that drain efficiency and hurt a hospital's bottom line. Without the ability to inventory automatically the number and types of devices connected to the network, healthcare providers are overspending by purchasing unnecessary devices and are being charged by third-party management vendors for medical devices they do not actually own. In response, hospitals are dedicating as many as three full-time equivalents to the process of manually inventorying assets. These challenges are intensified during hospital mergers and acquisitions, when healthcare providers must inventory and on-board newly acquired devices within a short timeframe.
"We've been working closely with leading hospital systems to understand the unique challenges they are experiencing from their connected medical devices," said Jim Scullion, CEO of Great Bay Software. "There's incredible urgency to address these issues quickly in order to ensure continuity of patient care, the privacy of patient information and the reputation of the organisation. We are excited to partner with healthcare organisations to deliver real-time visibility, monitoring and behaviour analytics capabilities they need to secure data, preserve customer trust and achieve the full revenue potential of their IoT adoption."
In response to these security and operational difficulties, the sixth-generation of the Great Bay Software product delivers critical IoT visibility and enforcement functionality, including real-time ability to discover, profile and locate all managed, unmanaged, authorised and unauthorised devices connected to wired and wireless networks.
Data collection techniques gather identity and behavioural attributes and use that contextual insight to establish and validate device trust. Expanded pre-built device profiles and enhanced profile import and export capabilities enable organisations to identify and profile connected devices to the network, automatically and in real time.
The implementation of an artificial intelligence and machine learning engine provides real-time behaviour analytics for all connected devices.
Drag-and-drop file functionality that is user-friendly, allows for generic data import and enables seamless bi-directional data sharing between Great Bay and other IT and security ecosystem technologies.
There is a customised dashboard with an expanded set of executive reporting capabilities. And network infrastructure and support has been expanded for data collection sources.