Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Wireless M2M range allows monitoring and control for oil and gas wells

Steve Rogerson
November 26, 2014

A portfolio of monitoring products preconfigured for oil and gas well sites has been introduced by Numerex. AvidWireless is claimed to provide cost-effective, managing for complex, interdependent, multi-device industrial M2M deployments. It fits any size remote well site, from small marginal wells to large multi-location fields.

The intelligent, end-to-end monitoring can improve performance, reduce costs and improve efficiencies for oil and gas well operations. These remote monitoring products act as a gateway for checking, analysing and reporting data from smart sensors; providing information from all of the assets in the field.

There are three preconfigured products covering tank monitoring, generator monitoring and site automation.

Constant monitoring of capture-tank levels allows automated pump shutdown when a high-level condition is detected. Users can control pumps remotely from the web site or by using a mobile device in the field. Alerts and notifications can be sent immediately, keeping operators informed and assisting in avoiding capture-tank issues.

Wireless remote monitoring, control and diagnostics for power generator systems help increase uptime through monitoring of fuel levels, power, runtime and by providing the physical location of equipment. Users can mitigate performance risks through remote monitoring of battery level, block heater performance and other common failure points.

Designed for multi-site applications, site monitoring provides constant monitoring and remote control of levels – tank, pressure, temperature, pump status, flare and ESD events – using AvidSmartNodes and an AvidDirector controller. This features the Modbus protocol for easy connection with existing equipment. Operators can deploy multiple smart nodes, with a range of 2km, permitting control of multiple wells from a single director.

"Numerex is a pioneer in developing innovative M2M monitoring that leverages data, network connectivity and cloud-based applications to optimise the performance of equipment and environmental conditions in a number of vertical markets including oil and gas, water, wastewater, and industrial equipment industries with deployments worldwide,” said Stratton Nicolaides, chairman and CEO of Numerex. “This new offering simplifies the purchase decision by providing standardisation for tier three and four oil producers. Centred on our award-winning service delivery platforms, they provide single intelligent, flexible, wireless, remote control that enables connections to a wide variety of wireless and wired sensors for continuous monitoring of equipment and environmental conditions."