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Garmin activity tracker checks blood oxygen levels

Steve Rogerson
September 5, 2018

Garmin’s Vívosmart 4 is a slim, smart activity tracker that lets users gauge their blood oxygen saturation levels at night to understand their sleep quality.
The wrist-worn device also includes the Body Battery energy monitor that estimates the body’s energy reserves, letting users know the optimal time for activity and rest.
“Sleep quality plays a critical role in your overall physical health,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “Poor sleep quality may contribute to the development of significant chronic conditions. With its slim design, the Vívosmart 4 is comfortable to wear at night and pulse ox provides customers with information they can use to improve their health.”
In addition to pulse ox, the watch uses the Swiss company’s sleep monitoring technology, which estimates light, deep and REM stages of sleep, along with movement throughout the night. Upon awakening, users can review their sleep stats in the Garmin Connect mobile app.
The activity wristband tracker is said to blend smarts with style, and is available in multiple colours with metal trim accents in silver, gold and rose gold. It is safe for the pool and shower and can last up to seven days between charges.
The innovative Body Battery energy monitoring feature lets users see their body’s energy levels at any given moment, which can help with scheduling workouts, rest times and sleep. Using a combination of data gathered from stress, heart rate variability, sleep and activity, a higher Body Battery indicates the time is optimal to be active whereas a lower number suggests rest is in order. Body Battery assists users in making sense of patterns, demonstrating how behaviour and activities of the past few days influence how one feels at a given moment.
The tracker comes loaded with a newly redesigned Elevate wrist-based heart rate sensor, abnormal heart rate alerts, VO2 maximum, and activities for walks, runs, strength training, pool swims, yoga and more. It includes all-day stress tracking and a relax reminder feature that suggests users take a moment to do a breathing routine when it detects elevated stress levels.
It’s easy to stay connected with the ability to check the weather, control music, receive smart notifications with vibration alerts, find your phone, access social media notifications, and, for Android users, reply to texts with pre-set messages.
Colourful activity cards that give users an at-a-glance to the most important stats. Simply scroll down to compare today’s totals to past results or tap in for more detailed information. Activities and other stats captured by the device are presented with data customised and filtered so the user is only seeing what is most relevant to his or her goals.
Users can connect with friends and family to motivate one another, join challenges, engage in friendly competitions and score colourful badges when goals are met.
Suggested retail price is $130 and it comes in several colour and bezel or buckle options including berry with gold bezel, powder grey with rose gold bezel, azure blue with silver bezel, and black with slate bezel.
This is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any medical condition. Pulse ox is not available in all countries.