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GAO RFID reader detects tags up to 100m

Steve Rogerson
February 16, 2016
GAO RFID has announced a range of active 2.45GHz RFID readers capable of identifying tagged items up to 100m away. The devices are suitable for applications involving logistics, supply chain and warehouse management.
Included in this family is the gain adjustable RFID reader with Wifi capabilities, the handheld reader that also offers barcode capabilities, and the portable USB RFID reader. These can be used for applications that require identification and tracking of assets, inventories and monitoring.
The Canadian company’s gain adjustable device lets users control the reader sensitivity by adjusting the antenna gain. This allows the reader to boast a flexible tag identification range that can be as close as 3m and up to 100m away. This ensures selective targeting of RFID tags by distance, which allows users to meet the demands of different configurations using one type of RFID reader.
The sturdy dust and waterproof handheld version was built for on-site use and comes with an 8.2cm touch screen and economical power consumption. It is equipped with a USB 2.0 port, Bluetooth, Wifi and optional GPS capabilities. It makes use of a Windows based operating system that runs the RFID data collection software and also has 1D and 2D barcode reading capabilities for applications that require both RFID and barcode technologies.
Other optional add-ons enable the integration of high or low frequency modules, which lets this product be a dual frequency RFID reader.
The portable USB RFID reader gives a read range of up to 20m. Simply plugging this device into any USB-enabled computer allows the reading of RFID tags and the direct transfer of data to a host system in real time.
“For over a year now, our customers have been asking us for readers in different form factors that will fit easily into their RFID environment,” said Frank Gao, GAO RFID’s CEO. “They said having the right type of reader in the right situation would save them both time and headaches. Our customers asked and GAO RFID delivered.”
GAO RFID provides RFID hardware, software and systems that improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and heighten personnel safety. It offers a suite of systems enabled by RFID readers and tags for applications such as asset tracking, access control, WIP management and personnel tracking.