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Dubai logistics association digitises services

Steve Rogerson
July 9, 2019

The National Association of Freight & Logistics (NAFL) in Dubai is helping its more than 400 members digitise their services using FreightBro, India's first freight forwarder facing platform.
With this partnership, freight forwarders in the Middle East will be able to access import rates of China and India on the go and book shipments instantly. The platform will enable them to manage quotations, shipments, communications and visibility.
FreightBro targets the trillion-dollar forwarding industry through digitisation of the manual processes in logistics. It provides a digital platform for freight forwarders that let them procure rates faster, reduce operational inefficiencies, boost sales, make informed decisions using data analytics and provide a seamless user experience.
Founded in 1992 in Dubai, the NAFL works towards uniting a growing number of freight and logistics service providers in the UAE. The association is also the first national association of freight forwarders to be established in the Arabian Gulf and to join the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA). Supported by the UAE government, the NAFL has been striving towards the development of logistics initiatives to better the industry standards in UAE. 
"As the UAE market rides the wave of digitisation, this partnership comes at a perfect time as a strategic initiative to accelerate digitisation in the Middle East freight industry,” said Mohammed Zakkiria, co-founder of FreightBro. “For FreightBro, the association will help us expand our presence in the Middle East and work closely with the forwarders of the region. Also, it is in sync with our on-going trade lane development for small and medium sized forwarders in India, the UAE and China."
Industry experts are pegging the UAE's logistics markets size at $30bn. The UAE ranks 33rd in the world in terms of the size of its ecommerce market, and estimates its ecommerce market to grow to $17.8bn in 2020.
"FreightBro's platform and application will surely speed up work for the forwarders, cut costs and help them grab a greater market share,” said Nadia Aziz, president of the NAFL. “It will also connect us more efficiently with top-notch Indian forwarders and traders and will create more synergy between both the countries."