Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Freewave connects Fairfield Oil & Gas through AWS

Steve Rogerson
March 13, 2018
Colorado-based M2M and IIoT firm Freewave Technologies is using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology partner programme to being connectivity to Fairfield Oil & Gas.
Fairfield Oil & Gas uses the ZumDash small scada application and the AWS Cloud to streamline its well pad operations, enable automated reporting and implement proactive maintenance.
“Fairfield operates in remote areas,” said Will Ellis, vice president of Fairfield Oil & Gas. “ZumDash gives us access to predictive analytics, the ability to respond to problems immediately and to control all production from any device. With ZumDash small scada, we save time and money by minimising truck rolls to manually gather data or inspect the well pads. With intelligent edge technology, the need to send every packet of data to an expensive PLC network for decision-making and action taking is significantly reduced. Costly truck runs and manual operations to visually inspect sensors and equipment can be minimised.”
ZumDash was created on FreeWave’s ZumIQ application environment platform and features a fully customisable dashboard that allows users to monitor operations remotely, execute logic, visualise trends and generate reports. The app is deployed on FreeWave’s app-hosting ZumLink 900 series radios, which provides edge-intelligent capabilities.
“The global internet of things market is projected to grow to $8.9tn in 2020, and demand for companies to publish real-time data to the cloud is growing in tandem,” said Scott Allen, chief marketing officer for FreeWave Technologies. “Hosting the application on site with our ZumIQ application platform provides local access and control while engineers are on site. AWS provides Fairfield management access to information from all sites from anywhere in the world, an innovative technology combination designed to solve a critical customer problem.”