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For U and Trunk partner on self-driving lorries

William Payne
August 25, 2020

Technology logistics company For U Trucking and self-driving lorry technology firm Trunk have formed a joint venture. The two Chinese firms hope to bring together AI and autonomous driving to integrate intelligent dispatching, autonomous lorry driving and highway logistics.
For U Trucking focuses on full- load transportation and is committed to applying technologies to actual commercialisation, forming a For U Brain with intelligent pricing, dispatching and service at its core.
The two companies have been cooperating on road testing of autonomous vehicles since the second half of 2019. They have completed tests on ten routes with more than 300 tests, and accumulated effective testing data.
For U Trucking says its technology can help shippers reduce transportation costs by about 15% and effectively improve transportation efficiency.
The envisaged system would allow a shipper to place an order on the For U Trucking app, with the platform employing AI to dispatch self-driving lorries to help the shipper deliver the goods.
The system is expected to rely on the national key R&D plan. In the first stage, NATS will cover three major logistics hubs in north, central and south China, and along the Beijing-Shanghai expressway. In the second stage, full coverage of the ten major logistics hubs in the eastern region and full coverage of ten highways will be achieved. In the third, NATS will cover all logistics hubs and highways.
GLP (Global Logistic Properties) is a co-investor of For U Trucking and Trunk. According to Zhonglang Dong, the management partner of GLP Hidden Hill Capital, the best logistics company in the future must be a technology company.
The two companies say in the future, based on the data resources of For U Trucking and the autonomous driving technology of Trunk, the two parties will empower each other and carry out collaboration with artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and big data as the core to provide intelligent, convenient and transparent integrated transportation services.