Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Pod M2M helps ForaCare with telehealth connectivity

Steve Rogerson
November 7, 2017

ForaCare, a California technology company dedicated to the design, development and marketing of products for chronic disease management, has signed a deal with Pod M2M to connect its mission critical IoT telehealth service.
UK-based Pod M2M, a division of Pod Group, is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) specialising in global data connectivity for the M2M and IoT market.
Pod M2M will provide connectivity for ForaCare’s telehealth platform and range of connected healthcare monitoring devices designed for the patient and the practitioner. These devices include the Test’N Go glucose monitoring meter, allowing patients to see trends in their blood glucose levels and plan their treatment, and the VSM100 vital signs monitor, which remotely monitors key patient indicators such as blood pressure, temperature and oxygen levels and reports back to the physician.
Devices are connected via the Fora 24/7 HealthView platform, a secure, web-access management system giving physicians real-time access to patient data.
The need to share data quickly and securely between patients, physicians and hospitals means a highly resilient and secure network connection is required between the devices and the platform. ForaCare also requires a fully scalable way to enable the company to expand into new growth markets. Pod M2M’s network connectivity with intelligent switching, combined with access to more than 600 networks worldwide, made it an obvious choice for ForaCare.
“Pod offered a cost-effective solution and always gave us a quick response to our questions,” said Adrian Alexander, sales account manager at ForaCare. “We also like the fact that Pod can operate globally as we’re in the process of expanding into other markets outside the USA. Thanks to our confidence in the service that Pod provides we will continue to plan our growth and recommend the service.”
Pod M2M’s specialist focus on remote and mission critical applications is based on its no-single-point-of-failure network topology, whereby multiple core networks (IMSIs) are included on the same SIM card and can be automatically switched to provide back-up networks using Pod’s Multi-IMSI app on the SIM. Pod’s experience in this area has led it to develop a pod profile that can be used as a bootstrap IMSI on eUICC SIM cards, providing an extra layer of resilience.
“Our expertise in providing connectivity for mission critical applications makes our solution a perfect fit for healthcare IoT applications such as ForaCare´s telehealth system,” said Sam Colley, CEO of Pod Group in the USA. “We are constantly researching new and innovative ways to increase the resilience and security of IoT connectivity which is vital for the growth and uptake of the IoT.”