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FloPath opts for TMS to support logistics customers

Steve Rogerson
August 23, 2016
Kansas City based FloPath Automatic Logistics has installed a transportation management system (TMS) to provide transport and logistics customers with support for the complete order-to-settlement lifecycle.
The 3G-TM technology comes from 3Gtms, a Connecticut-based software provider of third-generation transportation management software.
By leveraging one scalable platform and the same data throughout the application, FloPath customers should be able to react profitably and quickly to the dynamic transportation logistics environment, resulting in lower freight expense, improved shipment efficiency, increased shipment visibility and greater financial transparency.
“3G-TM is very feature rich and easy on the eyes, whereas you can get lost in other tier-one products like MercuryGate or Oracle,” said Jeff Auslander, CEO of FloPath. “3G is much more user friendly and has a better user interface. We chose 3Gtms, in part, because they have a zero per cent customer attrition rate like we do. That told me they are committed to a best-in-class product that’s never static. We’re really getting the dream team of TMS design experts.”
In addition, the 3G-TM integration hub allows FloPath to integrate customers in a matter of days, rather than the weeks or months typical of some transportation management systems.
“We’re thrilled to support a fast-growing company like FloPath,” said Mitch Weseley, CEO of 3Gtms. “Our intuitive technology will help FloPath customers confront today’s market needs and growing complexities, while not losing sight of getting freight out the door and to the right place, for the right price, at the right time.