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Canadian hospital takes digital route to patient care

Steve Rogerson
April 16, 2019

A hospital under construction in Canada and set to open late next year will use digital technology to deliver personalised health support, helping patients understand their condition, learn about medications, control their environment, prepare for discharge and more.
The 110,000 square metre Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital in Ontario will provide 350 patient beds with the ability to increase capacity to 550 beds.
Canadian technology company Flexity’s FlexHealth product, designed in partnership with Maryland-based GetWellNetwork, will deliver smart, patient-centric services.
"Technology has a vital role to play in improving patient care and patient outcomes," said Peter Stavropoulos, CEO and president of Flexity. "As a leading provider of technology and services in Canada, we were very selective in determining that digital patient engagement provider GetWellNetwork is the right partner and their GetWell Inpatient is the right technology for us to expand our FlexHealth practice, a fully digital patient engagement and care experience for Canadian healthcare organisations."
Mackenzie Health will deploy GetWell Inpatient, powered by Flexity and GetWellNetwork, at the hospital, which is set to open in late 2020. The technology will integrate with Mackenzie Health's electronic medical record to deliver personalised health support.
"Care delivery models are changing rapidly and patients today are expecting more personalised and consumer-like experiences regardless of the care setting, condition or stage of the patient journey they're in," said Michael O'Neil, founder and CEO of GetWellNetwork. "The Canadian market is one that we've been considering for some time, but we needed the right partner to jointly deliver the right solution. Flexity is that partner and we are delighted that Mackenzie Health selected Flexity with GetWell Inpatient as the right patient and family engagement solution for their new hospital."
As the first new hospital in the York region in more than 30 years, it will join Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital, alongside Mackenzie Health's community-based locations, in providing access to the latest healthcare for residents. This technology will be in place at Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital in late 2020. Plans to implement some features gradually at Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital will occur after 2020.
"We are thrilled to partner with Flexity to deploy the innovative GetWell Inpatient digital solution at Mackenzie Health," said Altaf Stationwala, president and CEO of Mackenzie Health. "This smart patient and family centred technology will integrate with Mackenzie Health's electronic medical record and support healthcare professionals in delivering personalised health support at the bedside. This is a key step forward on our smart hospital vision to provide our community with exceptional healthcare."
For patients, it will mean more control, increased convenience, deeper knowledge and a better experience. For healthcare professionals, it will mean spending less time filling out paperwork, accurately capturing data in real time and creating efficient workflows that allow more time at the patient's bedside.
"One of the biggest opportunities with this technology is the level of control and independence we can give directly to patients," said Richard Tam, executive vice president at Mackenzie Health. "The smart pathways and intelligence we're building into this technology will unlock a world of choice for all patients and families."