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FleetView improves visibility for asset tracking

Steve Rogerson
September 27, 2016

The Asset Intelligence subsidiary of ID Systems, a provider of enterprise asset management technology, has released its next generation FleetView transportation fleet management interface for fleets of dry van trailers, intermodal containers, chassis and flatbed trailers.
Providing online user access to the VeriWise fleet management platform, FleetView is said to give users better visibility of their assets while streamlining system functionality. With a modern and simplified design, the user interface is intuitive and easy to learn, and places emphasis on visual navigation to make routine fleet management tasks and activities more efficient, and provide quicker access to critical information.
It provides customisable real-time fleet status and drill-down reporting, delivering critical information including when assets are moving, when they are loaded or unloaded, when assets enter or exit geofenced landmarks, and when they are dormant and for how long. The system is designed to help fleet managers, dispatchers, safety managers and maintenance personnel by providing up-to-the-minute information on the status of their fleets, and help operations teams coordinate activities as they are taking place.
The core Visibility module within the interface provides a map-based visualisation of information, allowing users to see and assess the data they need to manage fleet operations quickly. The module acts as a central information hub through which most decisions and actions can be performed, simplifying the user experience.
Within the module, users can run reports quickly with geographic and status filters combined with map and tabular controls to provide prioritised information on asset activity, history and landmarks displayed for the current map view.
As a fully hosted, cloud-based system, FleetView requires no additional hardware or software to deploy, and can be used with any modern web browser.
“With the release of our new FleetView software, our customers now have access to the industry’s most advanced and innovative fleet management platform,” said Ken Ehrman, CEO of New Jersey based ID Systems. “FleetView is an essential tool for transportation companies needing to improve operational efficiency, reduce cycle time, increase asset utilisation and improve profitability. The customer’s experience was at the forefront of our development of FleetView, and we believe we have succeeded in delivering a solution that customers will love to use and is vital to their everyday operations.”
VeriWise asset tracking systems combine sensor, wireless and web technologies to provide real-time visibility and control of trailers and their cargo. The systems automatically identify, analyse and respond to critical transportation issues to improve the efficiency and security of logistics operations.
The VeriWise intermodal container management system helps increase asset use and reduce transit cycle times. The system enables visibility and control of containers from the seaport to the rail yard and ultimately to the final destination, marking loading and unloading events, which helps increase shipments and revenue per container.
The chassis tracking system provides visibility to chassis location and loaded and unloaded status. The system also captures gate times, locations and container mount times and locations to start and stop the billing clock, resulting in high data reliability and more accurate billing.
The dry van trailer monitoring system uses patented full-length cargo detection sensors. The system reports uninterrupted trailer location and loaded and unloaded status even if the trailer is disconnected from tractor power for an extended period. It is designed for faster trailer turns, increased asset use, cargo security and fleet efficiency.
VeriWise Track & Trace is a low-cost, easy-to-deploy, asset tracking system that provides real-time data to improve the efficiency and security of trailer and container fleets. It is designed for quick, easy, flexible installation on a wide range of cargo-carrying assets, with patented power management technology to extend battery life and provide years of maintenance-free operation.
Headquartered in New Jersey, with subsidiaries in Texas, Germany and the UK, ID Systems provides wireless products for securing, controlling, tracking and managing high-value enterprise assets, including industrial vehicles, rental cars, trailers, containers and cargo. Asset Intelligence is an ID Systems subsidiary based in Plano, Texas.