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Flagler Health+ creates virtual health village

Steve Rogerson
August 21, 2019

Florida company Flagler Health+ is developing what it calls a virtual health village to let patients access virtual care, view and update health information, participate in social communities, communicate with providers, receive reminders and schedule appointments.
Working with California-based Optima Curis, Flagler Health+ is developing the integrated, HIPAA-compliant consumer platform that will serve as a virtual health village for consumers with the aim of eliminating friction across all aspects of the healthcare continuum.
“We know through research that consumers want convenient, immersive and personalised experiences,” said Flagler Health+ president and CEO Jason Barrett. “Our virtual village will deliver that and much more, as we shift from what was once on average a four-day interaction to a relationship that lasts 365 days a year. We will bring collaboration, support and rewards together in one place where caregivers, patients, family, friends and community members can collaborate and engage to improve their health on an on-going basis.”
The agreement between the two companies includes innovation development and a living lab, and provides Flagler Health+ with an equity stake in Optima Curis.
“We are bringing innovative care delivery and consumer technology together to deliver the healthcare experience of the future,” said Optima Curis CEO Paul Viskovich. “We have a robust product that will be further enhanced through this collaboration to achieve the shared vision of Optima Curis and Flagler Health+. Our virtual health village will ultimately transform the way patients, loved ones and providers interact, resulting in healthier people and communities.”
It is anticipated that the first release will deploy in January 2020, with updates occurring every quarter thereafter until 2022.
Flagler Health+ is a total-care enterprise aimed at advancing the physical, social and economic health of north-east Florida communities. From working with area schools to address youth behavioural health to bringing a concept in health villages throughout the region, Flagler Health+ is building healthier communities. It is an extension of Flagler Hospital, which has a 130-year legacy of caring for the community.
Based in Los Angeles, Optima Curis delivers a platform connecting patients, families and clinical organisations to help them manage cost of care, quality and the experience when interacting with the healthcare system.