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Fertility Focus raises $2.7m to fund clinical trials

Steve Rogerson
February 6, 2019

Fertility monitoring technology company Fertility Focus has secured $2.7m in its series A round, led by Foresight Group and Coutts Investment Club. This funding will serve to fuel further commercialisation of the company’s OvuSense product in North America and Europe and fund additional clinical trials.
Foresight’s Rob Jones has joined the board of the UK and Connecticut-based company.
“Fertility Focus is helping address the need for additional understanding and information around the causes of infertility, and we’re proud to support their expansion with a focus on North America,” said Jones. “This is such a deeply personal issue for families across the globe, and many directly tie to the information only OvuSense can provide. The team’s passion to improve the fertility journey for women is inspiring.”
OvuSense has been used in more than 50,000 cycles, and can predict ovulation up to 24 hours in advance and confirming the exact date of ovulation with 99% clinically proven accuracy. It measures core body temperature to monitor rise and fall of progesterone during the cycle. This allows OvuSense to predict the onset of ovulation in real time using current cycle data.
“Around 75 per cent of those who take six months or more to conceive suffer from one or more ovulatory issues, many of which go undiagnosed due to a lack of understanding and data around individual ovulation cycles,” said Christine Soden, CFO at Fertility Focus. “The fertility sector is expanding extremely rapidly as couples look for solutions. Following dramatic growth and significant positive feedback from our customers and partners in 2018, we expect to see increasing numbers of women interested in OvuSense and the unique information it provides.”
The company has also signed an exclusive, worldwide licence with Sensiia that allows the company to develop additional sensor technology for women that are just beginning their journey.
“The information OvuSense provides enables women to make informed decisions based on their unique ovulation cycle,” said Kate Davies, fertility nurse consultant and IVF coach. “While the OvuSense monitor and app support women further along in their infertility journey, we know there are many others who need support as they’re just beginning to look for information. The agreement with Sensiia will help provide a more complete solution for women struggling with infertility.”
Since its commercial launch in the USA in 2013, Fertility Focus has been committed to helping women understand their ovulatory cycles to find why they may be experiencing infertility. The company’s main product, OvuSense, was developed with the help of specialist clinicians and is designed for women who are concerned about their fertility or ability to conceive. Using an intravaginal monitor that measures core body temperature, OvuSense detects minute changes in temperature that mirror the rise and fall in progesterone during the cycle, helping women understand their cycle better, learn when they are ovulating, diagnose issues with the cycle, and track the effect of any medication they may need or already be taking.
“The Fertility Focus technology has huge potential and we were delighted to support them,” said Hans Prottey, who heads the Coutts Investment Club. “The Coutts Investment Club looks to introduce innovative, high-growth private UK businesses like Fertility Focus to some of our most financially sophisticated and successful clients who, in turn, bring their business expertise to the table as well as their financial backing.”
While OvuSense is designed to help women who have irregular ovulation or cycle lengths, including women with diagnosed ovulatory issues such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), there is a demonstrated need for women to have more information earlier in the fertility process. Applying Sensiia’s intellectual property to Fertility Focus’ clinically proven algorithms will offer a less invasive monitoring option for women who are early in their fertility journey.
“With the rich data provided by over 50,000 cycles, including women with a huge variety of cycle types, we can confidently say we’re arming women who struggle to conceive with more information about their fertility,” said Robert Milnes, CEO of Fertility Focus. “As a result, we are helping many women get pregnant faster, either naturally or through gaining more rapid access to the diagnosis and treatment they need.”