Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

FairCom lets users store and process data at edge

Steve Rogerson
June 27, 2018
At last week’s LiveWorx in Massachusetts, FairCom released the C-TreeEdge IoT database to give organisations the ability to store and process their data at or near the collection point, opening the door for mission-critical and, possibly, life-saving decisions to be made faster without the need to rely solely on the cloud.
The company also released the C-TreeEdge IoT database extension for ThingWorx PTC's industrial IoT (IIoT) platform.
C-TreeEdge is a high-speed IoT database that facilitates data management while running on IoT and IIoT gateways and on the smallest edge devices. It has a small footprint at 37Mbyte, but is powerful enough to host data from thousands of sensors.
C-TreeEdge IoT supports native MQTT communications, as well as Node-Red and Rest API integration. It runs natively on multiple edge operating systems – Raspbian (Raspberry Pi), Windows IoT, Android and Android Things. While also running on Windows 10 and Linux on x86 architecture for use in more powerful gateway systems, C-TreeEdge is suitable for use in manufacturing, healthcare, energy and transportation, as well as other industries.
While C-TreeEdge is a new product, its core is powered by the same technology found in Missouri-based FairCom's flagship product, C-TreeAce. This database technology has been embedded in medical devices and manufacturing sensors for IoT activities for many years. Due to its flexibility, performance and reliability, the database technology has been trusted by more than 40 members of the Fortune 100 in recent years.
"As the internet of things continues to transform technology implementation, organisations will generate considerably more data on the edge, and they must decide if they can afford to send those data to the cloud or disregard them," said FairCom director of business development Evaldo Oliveira. "The C-TreeEdge IoT database gives organisations the power to manage their data on the edge where a few seconds, or even milliseconds, can mean the difference between successful operations or disaster. This robust, multi-model solution also sets the stage for a reduction of costs and resource allocation that is often associated with transmitting data to and from the cloud."
The C-TreeEdge IoT database extension lets ThingWorx users seamlessly integrate their C-TreeEdge database with their ThingWorx IoT platform development environment. PTC has validated the extension as ThingWorx Ready, making it available to ThingWorx users on the PTC Marketplace. 
"The C-TreeEdge IoT extension of ThingWorx provides users with the ability to experience fast, reliable database capabilities while utilising one of the world's top IoT platforms," said Oliveira. "The extension can be easily installed in order to add a thing to the ThingWorx Composer and can be eventually installed on virtually any device in the user's IoT environment. The end result is efficient, powerful data management capabilities for ThingWorx users."
Data quality is guaranteed using transactional edge persistence. It transmits only the data needed and stores all data securely at the edge. Both SQL and NoSQL microservices can be used to collect, query and analyse data in real time for IoT systems.
It is compatible with nearly all analytics tools for use over actual real-time unstructured data. Data management includes portability, data partitioning, data coalescing and replication.