Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Sierra Wireless to buy Accel Networks to expand IoT offering

Steve Rogerson
May 13, 2015
Canadian company Sierra Wireless has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Florida-based Accel Networks to extend its IoT offering.
“We are excited to join forces with our long-time partner Accel Networks as we see strong strategic alignment providing secure, managed connectivity for the distributed enterprise, as well as for the broader internet of things,” said Jason Cohenour, president and CEO of Sierra Wireless. “With a proven managed connectivity service adopted by hundreds of enterprises in the USA, the addition of Accel will accelerate our device-to-cloud strategy and add significant scale and capabilities to our services business.”
Accel Networks provides primary and back-up connectivity services to more than 300 enterprise customers in sectors such as retail, finance, security, energy and hospitality. With 4G LTE providing high connectivity speeds and legacy carriers transitioning away from copper-based networks, many enterprises are adopting wireless connectivity. Accel enables this migration without sacrificing reliability or performance. Accel’s managed connectivity service and wireless link optimisation transforms a cellular link into an enterprise-class last-kilometre connection that equals or exceeds terrestrial broadband.
“Since founding the company in 2002, we have been successful in building a strong customer base by developing solutions that overcome the challenges of utilising cellular for mission-critical networking and by delivering robust indoor connectivity in a highly cost-effective manner,” said Mark Gianinni, co-founder and CEO of Accel Networks. “Looking forward, we are excited to join Sierra Wireless to further expand our offering and accelerate our growth.”
Accel provides a complete end-to-end service, integrating 4G LTE gateways and the iMaestro antenna with cloud-based radio frequency link optimisation and remote management. Combined with high-speed LTE connectivity from network operators such as AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, the Accel service enables distributed enterprises to rely on cellular-based connectivity for critical applications, including PCI-compliant secure communications. Accel deploys managed connectivity services with customers directly, as well as with key channel partners such as Trextel.
“Accel Networks is an important partner for Trextel,” said Jason Morrow, CEO of Trextel. “The iMaestro platform, in combination with AT&T, powers our 4G LTE managed connectivity service offering. We are excited that Accel is joining Sierra Wireless and we look forward to working together to expand the offering and provide even more value for our customers.”
Accel Networks was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Florida, with its primary operations centre located in Georgia. The company currently employs 28 full time staff. The transaction is expected to close in June 2015.