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Argentinian port operator opts for JLT rugged computers

Steve Rogerson
June 16, 2016

Exolgan, the main port operator in Argentina, has bought 80 rugged handheld computers custom configured with GPS for container tracking and wifi dual-diversity external antennas to ensure reliable connectivity in the port yard.
The Verso 12 Navis-validated computers come from Swedish company JLT Mobile Computers. The delivery marks the fulfilment of an order won in the first quarter of 2016.
Access to reliable IT technology is critical in a marine port and terminal environment, as business is won and retained based on up-time and the efficiency with which containers are moved between ship and shore, and on to their final destination.
Equipped with Intel Core i-series processor and 64bit operating system, the computer is the latest generation of vehicle-mounted PCs from JLT that were developed from the ground up for use in the harshest environments and for business-critical functions. To meet Exolgan's requirements, the computer was custom configured with GPS for container tracking and wifi dual-diversity external antennas to ensure reliable connectivity in the port yard.
Another factor for Exolgan's decision was the ability to do self-maintenance as it speeds up turnaround times and reduces costs due to export and import regulations. JLT provides technical training and support as well as spare parts to facilitate this setup.
The Verso 12 computer is also validated under the Navis Ready programme, which gave Exolgan extra confidence that it would integrate smoothly with the Navis terminal operating system run by the terminal. Navis Ready is a validation programme open to vendors of hardware technologies intended for use within a container terminal operating environment.
The computer passed the standard tests for vehicle-mounted terminals (VMTs). The validation focused on the ECN4 business flows in a container terminal, which included tests for VMTs and ECN4 end-to-end CHE flows.
"The high performance of the JLT Verso 12 computer and the official Navis validation give us confidence that our investment will enable us to support today's as well as future needs with the same hardware," said Enrique Torlaschi, Exolgan corporate IT manager. "Another important factor in protecting our investment is fast and cost-effective service and maintenance, which JLT was able to provide in cooperation with our own technical team."
Exolgan is the only container terminal in Buenos Aires with the capacity to operate simultaneously two mega vessels in the port, with strategic maritime, fluvial and land access. As the main port operator in Argentina, it handles a third of the country's container foreign trade volume with internationally comparable productivity levels. Exolgan is a member of Global PSA, one of the leading global port groups with ports across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

JLT has completed the delivery of 70 rugged vehicle-mount Verso 12 computers to one of the largest container ports in Scandinavia. Following initial testing, the port placed an order in April for enough units to equip their entire fleet of port cranes and forklifts