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EVS brings AI to warehouse management

Steve Rogerson
June 6, 2017

Colorado-based Escape Velocity Systems (EVS) has released the Mobe3 warehouse management system (WMS) combining the familiar iOS user experience with artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver an industrial-strength platform to optimise and improve warehouse workflow.
It can simulate a warehouse’s operations under multiple scenarios and provide comparative efficiency metrics. With the simulations, an organisation can determine how to lay out a new warehouse, improve an existing warehouse, add equipment, update picking methods, optimise staff for a busy season and more before deploying changes into a live warehouse environment.
Flexible enough to adapt to each warehouse’s operating requirements and integrate seamlessly with major ERP systems including Microsoft Dynamics GP, Sage 500 and Infor CloudSuite, Mobe3 delivers real-time data insights and process improvement recommendations to make efficient use of a warehouse’s workforce, space and time.
“Many warehouses have little control over their inventory because they either have a paper-based manual system that can’t keep up with daily activity or have systems that simply record transactions with no intelligence to assist warehouse operations,” said Evan Garber, chief executive officer of EVS. “With Mobe3, we have built a flexible system that incorporates accountability into every touch point in the warehouse. What our team has done is reimagine the WMS from the ground up, how it looks, feels and functions, as well as how it’s priced.
The result, he said, was a low barrier to entry, making Mobe3 easier to own, adopt and integrate than other WMSs.
“It might even deserve a new category of solution, like industrial warehouse optimisation system or WOS to describe all it can do,” said Garber.
Features of the platform include:

  • Simulation – An organisation doesn’t need to guess what effect a proposed method change will have on its warehouse as Mobe3 can simulate the operations of a warehouse scenario and provide a report card of key metrics on efficiency. Now the efficiency gain or loss of a method change can be quantified before it’s implemented in a live warehouse.
  • Scalability – To help companies grow, Mobe3 is scalable in that it can expand to serve growing warehouse operations.
  • Flexibility – It is flexible to meet each warehouse’s unique workflow as well as its operational and technological needs.
  • Integration – Mobe3 integrates with common ERP platforms and synchronises with productivity and project management tools such as #Slack and Google Sheets.
  • Insights and accountability – Nothing is hidden. Mobe3 provides traceability and accountability, allowing warehouse managers and executives to see everything that happens in the warehouse, in real time or after the fact. There are no silos between warehouse workers, managers and executives.
  • Cloud-based and secure – Each user’s data are SSL-encrypted, firewall protected and stored in their own database securely via the Microsoft Azure cloud service and on client devices.
  • IOS native – It leverages all the iOS functionality that warehouse managers and employees are already familiar with, including FaceTime, messaging and photos. With an intuitive, familiar interface and ruggedised iOS devices, it is said to slash the hardware and adoption costs to a fraction of what conventional systems cost.
  • Improved inventory accuracy and increased turns – Using artificial intelligence and real-time insights gathered at every touch point in the warehouse’s workflow, it doesn’t passively track warehouse activities, it anticipates workflow and proactively recommends optimisations.
The product was beta tested by more than a dozen companies in industries ranging from process manufacturing to distribution and discrete manufacturing, to prove the system’s effectiveness, flexibility and ease of deployment.
“Having been a part of WMS deployments five times previously, I was shocked at how easy deploying Mobe3 was,” said Kirk Connors, COO at Pro-Form Laboratories, a manufacturer of nutritional products. “Because of how Mobe3 is designed, it was easy for our warehouse team to adopt. Mobe3 has changed how our warehouse communicates, added individualised accountability and provided data-driven recommendations to optimise our processes and systems. In the last year alone, we’ve doubled our output and employees, and Mobe3 has been instrumental in our growth.”
Features include: directed put-away; warehouse simulations; bin replenishment; functions for pick, pack and ship; optimised cycle counts with statistical cycle calculator; smart barcodes; e-commerce picking optimisation for manufacturers; user permission controls; integrated KPI graphs; inventory moves and adjustments; FaceTime chat; photo attachment to transactions; and management reports.
EVS was founded in 2001 by a team of warehouse management and supply chain technology experts.