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Eurotech improves software framework for M2M gateways and devices

Steve Rogerson
January 21, 2015
Eurotech has released ESF 3.0, the Java OSGi software framework for M2M multiservice gateways and smart devices. Starting with release 3.0, ESF is leveraging Kura 1.0, the open source project donated by Eurotech to the Eclipse Foundation.
ESF acts as the bridge between the private device network and the local network, public internet or cellular network. It provides a secure, reliable and optimised data transmission mechanism between edge nodes (sensors, actuators and human-machine interfaces) and cloud platforms through M2M and IoT optimised protocols such as MQTT.
Java software developers focused on M2M and IoT applications can take advantage of ESF’s software framework, which is fully supported by Italy-based Eurotech, natively integrated with Everyware Cloud (Eurotech’s M2M and IoT integration platform) and tightly integrated with the company’s industrial and rugged hardware or other hardware platforms by third party OEMs.
Added features in ESF enable a complete set of remote device management operations, over MQTT, either on demand or on schedule, interacting with the Everyware Cloud web console. These include device provisioning, device update, device control, device configuration, device diagnostics and device monitoring.
ESF provides a development environment for Java programmers that simplifies the creation of embedded applications. It provides a set of common services for Java developers building M2M applications, including IO access, data services, network configuration and remote management.
Release 3.0 includes Eurotech’s People Counter smart sensor, which is used in several vertical applications, from mass transportation vehicles to public places – such as airports, railway stations and shopping malls – to count and monitor the flow of people in real time and perform data analysis and intelligence.
The reverse NAT feature makes ESF's networking capabilities more powerful, making it possible to hide an entire private net set of addresses and ports behind a single valid internet address and manage the translation locally and centrally.
Other features include BeagleBone Black and RaspberryPi support, Java Runtime Environment 1.7, and I2C, PWI, SPI and GPIO (P4J) support. In addition to Equinox, ESF now supports the Eclipse Concierge lightweight container provided under the Eclipse IoT working group.
There is an improved version of the Paho MQTT client included in ESF to enhance the reliability of the MQTT sessions.  It also includes a new software service, the Everyware VPN, which allows the remote connection to devices within secure networks, enabling easy remote access to devices through the cloud.
“We continue to focus and invest in making IoT and M2M projects easier and faster for organisations to deploy as well as more secure,”said Andrea Ceiner, group product marketing manager at Eurotech. “With ESF for M2M gateways and smart devices on one side, and Everyware Cloud as the M2M integration platform on the other side, Eurotech offers the foundation for solid M2M and IoT solutions.”