Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Eurotech platform simplifies device and data management

Steve Rogerson
February 18, 2015
An M2M integration platform from Eurotech is said to simplify device and data management by connecting distributed devices over secure and reliable cloud services. Once devices are deployed, the Everyware Cloud 3.5 lets users connect, configure and manage devices through the lifecycle, from deployment through maintenance to retirement.
Italian-based Eurotech has included features that enrich the remote device management capabilities such as remote device configuration, remote device control, remote device provisioning and remote device update. These let the Everyware Cloud web console be the single point of administration for all connected devices, and make its Rest APIs the single programmable interface to remote devices.
Security and reliability have been enhanced by introducing two-factors-authentication and platform health monitoring.
“We continue to focus and invest in making IoT and M2M projects easier and faster and secure for organisations to deploy,” said Robert Andres, chief marketing officer of Eurotech. “ESF for M2M gateways and smart devices on one side, and Everyware Cloud as an M2M and IoT integration platform on the other side, build together the foundation for solid M2M and IoT solutions. With Everyware Cloud 3.5 we have made an important step forward, and we are excited for the novel things that are coming soon by the next releases.”
EC is, by default, made available as a platform-as-a-service. It is open-standards based for future-proof and investment protection.