Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Eurotech IoT connects Fresenius dialysis equipment

Steve Rogerson
September 13, 2017

German dialysis products and services company Fresenius Medical Care is using Eurotech’s IoT gateways, IoT device middleware and integration platform as the hardware and software building blocks for an IoT project to connect globally deployed medical devices.
Fresenius Care and Eurotech have been collaborating closely to integrate Eurotech’s IoT technologies with both Fresenius’ products in the field and software applications on the IT side, with the goal of zero changes to both the products and the applications.
The result enables, in a secure and effective way, to carry out technical services of Fresenius medical devices installed in dialysis clinics worldwide.
The difficulties associated with the global deployment and servicing of intelligent medical devices are manifold and require the highest levels of flexibility when it comes to the software at the edge. A well designed IoT architecture for distributed medical devices has to offer end-to-end security and provide local processing capabilities to enable functionality such as access to technical data of medical devices and their configuration management.
In addition it is necessary to support a wide range of new and legacy protocols and interfaces to establish the communications between the IoT gateways and the medical devices. This has been achieved by leveraging both ESF middleware and Everyware Cloud integration platform in combination with Eurotech’s ReliaGate multi-service IoT gateway.
The IoT device application framework ESF (Everyware Software Framework) speeds up the development and deployment of the application or business logic on the IoT edge device. ESF is a commercial, enterprise-ready edition of Eclipse Kura, the open source Java OSGi middleware for IoT multi-service gateways and smart devices.
Everyware Cloud interfaces with existing enterprise IT infrastructures, offering simple access through standard APIs to real-time and historical data from devices. In addition, this IoT integration platform also enables effective remote device management as well as the device life cycle features that ensure a smooth deployment and management of these devices in the field. This IoT and M2M platform is also available for on-premises and private cloud deployment.
“We are extremely proud that Fresenius Medical Care has selected Eurotech as their partner for implementing state of the art IoT supporting their world-leading medical devices,” said Giuseppe Surace from Italy-based Eurotech. “We make complex operational technologies available in a broad offering of easy-to-use services and products. Our customers can rely on our leading IoT expertise and portfolio, allowing them to focus all their attention towards their strategic needs.”