Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

DB Cargo picks Eurotech for train diagnostics

Steve Rogerson
October 2, 2018

Italian IoT company Eurotech is providing the on-board hardware and end-to-end software tools for Deutsche Bahn subsidiary DB Cargo’s TechLok project, which collects and processes diagnostic data from locomotives across Europe.
The Eurotech BoltGate 20-25, a railway-certified on-board computer designed to meet the demanding requirements of rolling stock installations, has been selected as the intelligent IoT edge gateway installed on at least 450 vehicles. Powered by Eurotech’s Everyware Software Framework, the BoltGate 20-25 provides on-board functions for safe non-invasive signal sampling and recording of MVB multifunction vehicle bus data as well as the real-time data communications feature.
"During our proof of concept [PoC] in 2017, Eurotech did an excellent job in terms of delivering high quality data and fulfilling the need of our users and data scientists," said Stephan Häger, senior manager of DB Cargo. “They were able to provide most of our required functionality with their standard telematics system and IoT-platform. We look forward to scaling up what we have seen within the PoC to 450 vehicles in several fleets.”
In the project, which aims to gain insight on the real-time status of the fleet of locomotives, Everyware Cloud, an IoT integration platform, provides the off-board tools and management functionality to integrate the data collected to a ground server and to configure the systems in the field remotely.
"I got to know Eurotech in the proof of concept as well as during the following negotiations as a professional and extremely efficient partner," said Fabian Stöffler, vice president at DB Cargo. “It seems that they can speed up the digitalisation process of the railway sector with their highly standardised IoT products.”
Marco Carrer, CTO of Eurotech, added: "We are honoured to have been selected by DB Cargo for their TechLok project providing the communications and infrastructure backbone to support their smart transportation. Eurotech offers modular hardware and software components to enable connected services and products; we are extremely excited to partner with DB Cargo in their challenging project, where we will combine our IoT technologies with our expertise in the railway sector."