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Eurologic uses Infor to modernise warehouse management in Moscow

Steve Rogerson
June 15, 2016
Eurologic, a logistics operator and 3PL provider owning several warehouses in the Moscow region for temporary storage, safe custody and logistics storage of its clients' goods, has deployed a warehouse management system at three sites.
System deployment of the Infor system was carried out by LT Management, an Infor partner, and has helped Eurologic organise processes at three logistics centres with 14,000 to 15,000 pallet positions each, employing 450 people in total. This has improved performance at all sites, streamlining and speeding up the processes of customer request processing, goods picking for delivery and counterfeit goods detection.
It supports all the company's logistics processes and the warehouse space utilisation coefficient has reached 0.8. Warehouse managers have access to consolidated data on the total goods movement chain, from receipt and allocation at the warehouse to shipping to the client. The system is operated by more than 200 people including stock managers, operators, and inventory and quality assurance specialists.
The deployment was integrated with open reporting systems and ERP. In the course of operation, several additional functions were implemented. An external control and packing module allows operators to check quickly whether the goods were picked correctly before packing for transportation. A modified cross-docking module keeps record of goods delivered to the warehouse and shipment without accounting recognition, which makes the shipment process faster.
The counterfeit monitoring function is an interesting option based on Infor SCE. Before sending goods to the client, the system assigns a secret code to each of the items. During store inspection it allows the clients to check it against the item listing and see whether the certain item is the one shipped from the warehouse or a counterfeit.
"Compared to competitors' solutions, Infor SCE has a friendlier user interface and enables us to use the existing practices," said Alexey Kharin, chief development officer at Eurologic. “It provides operation stability and quick response, as well as flexible modifications. The solution could even be scaled up twice to support more than four to five storage sites. That gives us technological capability for business expansion.”
Eurologic keeps on improving its processes and implementing opportunities with Infor and LT Management. For example, there are plans to create a mobile workplace with an RF terminal to check correctness of picking, that is to perform a so-called output order control.
"Today, companies are forced into a continuous search for the ways to reduce costs through effective logistics management, increased warehouse performance and capacity, and reduced stocks," said Dmitry Martynov, official Infor representative in Russia and the CIS. “Infor SCE improves transparency of warehouse processes and increases resource utilisation efficiency and shipment accuracy. Using this single information system, managers can track goods movement and be certain about accurate delivery.”
Eurologic was established in 2005. The company is a logistic operator and 3PL provider and employs more than 500 specialists.
LT Management is a consulting company specialising in software management for warehouse logistics. For more than seven years, the company has been a specialist in warehouse automation. It has controlled seven warehouse complexes in Russia. Total warehouse area was more than 150,000 square meters, including the biggest distribution centre in the Moscow region with an area of 70,000 square meters.