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Mobile app helps hand arthritis patients monitor and manage their condition

Steve Rogerson
April 4, 2016
Vancouver-based mhealth app developer ETreatMD has released a mobile health app for managing hand arthritis. Called MyHand, it lets users measure, monitor and manage arthritis.
While most hand arthritis apps can only record symptoms, MyHand can measure physical changes and help patients see exactly how their pain is connected to factors such as weather, activity and treatment. This gives arthritis sufferers meaningful information they can use to manage their condition, prevent painful flare-ups, and determine the most effective ways to relieve their pain.
ETreatMD is working with the Arthritis Society to make free access to MyHand available to a limited number of arthritis sufferers in a pilot trial prior to commercial release.
"The Arthritis Society is embracing digital health strategies as a way to help Canadians living with arthritis in the modern world," said Joanne Simons, chief mission officer for the Arthritis Society.
The first 200 people wanting to participate must be willing to provide feedback on their experience. Following the pilot study, the app is expected to be available to the general public.
Nick MacKinnon, one of ETreatMD's four founders, created the app based on his own personal struggle with hand arthritis.
"With so many health and wellness apps on the market, I was surprised by how few actually offer measurement and diagnostic capabilities to manage arthritis," said MacKinnon, "To fill this significant gap, we've developed MyHand to empower people with a more proactive approach to understanding and managing their arthritis."
The app not only tracks treatments over time, but also evaluates the effectiveness of treatments as they correlate to changes in symptoms. It assesses environmental conditions such as weather and location, data that it pulls automatically. MyHand therefore lets users easily monitor their arthritis flare-ups as it relates to these factors.
It is designed to be HIPAA compliant so users can be assured it provides reliable clinical information while ensuring privacy in how their information is stored.
MyHand will be available for free, with additional paid features, including comprehensive reports and unlimited comparative reporting access.
ETreatMD is licensed by Health Canada as a class one medical device provider.