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Estonian smart meter roll out reaches half-way point

Steve Rogerson
November 26, 2014

Energy electricity distributer Elektrilevi is roughly halfway through its roll out of smart meters in Estonia with about 300,00 so far installed. Ericsson has the contract to deploy a smart-metering network and it says consumers are starting to enjoy the benefits.

In August 2012, Elektrilevi, the major Estonian electricity distribution network operator, signed a contract with Ericsson for the supply, deployment, systems integration and running of a smart-metering network.

As part of the deal, Ericsson is providing a turnkey system to replace all Elektrilevi electricity meters with more than 625,000 remotely readable smart meters. The agreement also includes the implementation of a central automatic meter reading (AMR) system for data gathering and integration to Elektrilevi systems, as well as AMR managed services during the rollout period.

Elektrilevi stands to benefit from reduced costs and risk, improved network operation and maintenance, regulatory compliance (in EU and Estonia), and improved customer satisfaction.

And because the smart grid provides data from each and every connection point, the operator can meet their customer’s needs on a much more individualised level than before.

Benefits for users include more accurate and timely billing, shorter outages and improved possibilities to reduce power consumption.