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Finland tests blockchain for logistics hub

Steve Rogerson
July 10, 2018

The Finland government is working with Dutch company Essentia One – the decentralised interoperability protocol – to create a blockchain-based logistics hub.
This smart logistics pilot follows a pilot earlier in the year to tackle unemployment rates and to track production chains.
"The success of our first e-government blockchain project with MTK [Finland’s agricultural agency] meant we built a level of mutual trust and, as passionate believers in the underlying value in blockchain, we knew that we could adapt the technology to solve many more issues in different governmental departments," said Essentia co-founder Matteo Gianpietro Zago.
Finland has now begun ventures to secure its place as one of the leading logistics hubs in the world. Industry representatives are seeking forward thinking ideas to combat the issues facing the ever-expanding administration and data management in logistics and transportation.
Essentia One has teamed up with the governmental association Traffic Lab to ensure information regarding end-to-end deliveries – such as delivery contents and contact information – are securely and safely accessible to authorised stakeholders.
"We envision the Essentia protocol completely revolutionising the methods of data management,” said Zago. “The proven power and benefits of blockchain technology will give Finland's international logistics hub that extra competitive edge."
The pilot is set to be presented to Finland's Ministry of Transport & Communications, Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi, Finnish Transport Agency, Finnish customs, Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority and other members of the corridor-as-a-service ecosystem.