Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Ericsson and Brighter collaborate on connected blood glucose meter

Steve Rogerson
October 20, 2015
Swedish companies Ericsson and Brighter are working together to bring IoT technology to medical devices. The first connected product from the alliance will be the Brighter One integrated blood glucose meter and injection device for insulin treated diabetics, which logs blood glucose value, actual volume of injected insulin and other information relevant to the treatment.
This will use Ericsson's DCP device connection platform so the world's mobile network operators can connect their customers to Brighter's Benefit Loop cloud platform.
"We are very pleased to partner with Ericsson, which has a world-leading platform for connecting devices to mobile networks, popularly called the internet of things, which includes global device connectivity management," said Brighter's CEO and founder Truls Sjöstedt. "The cooperation gives us not only the best technical platform, but also access to Ericsson's customer – the mobile network operators, who through Brighter's offer can access a new market segment on their existing customer base. It's a win-win where all three parties receive the opportunity to develop their business on a new, exciting and growing market – mhealth."
In the Benefit Loop, continuous and valid patient generated data are processed with other relevant data, with the goal of continuously improving treatment and quality of life. In addition to the patient getting an easier and more convenient disease management, Brighter can create values for a range of other stakeholders, for example, to improve treatments, plan care, develop drugs and get reliable information on demographic changes in society.
"We look forward to working with Brighter," said Anders Olin, vice president at Ericsson. "IoT is already a core area for Ericsson and mhealth is an area with great future potential. The service Brighter provides is very interesting for Ericsson because it can contribute to a substantial increase of connected devices based on the DCP services Ericsson offers."
The connection to the mobile network is a central element in the collaboration, and together the companies have designed the implementation of the infrastructure required for the Benefit Loop.
“The strong demand for the new subscription based services among the world's mobile operators has become increasingly prominent, and we think that Brighter's platform the Benefit Loop, combined with connected devices such as the new generation of Brighter One, can create new opportunities for operators to grow outside the highly competitive telephony and data market,” said Olin. “Even though many of the world's mobile network operators are already using Ericsson's DCP, the collaboration with Brighter can create the conditions for further deployment. Brighter also has a strong intellectual property portfolio that provides an excellent base for the development of mhealth systems."
Brighter works with open APIs so that other connected devices can be integrated in the Benefit Loop. With Ericsson's platform and network, Brighter sees great growth potential as the Benefit Loop will be able to bring together mobile network operators' increasing demand for new service offerings with the large number of connected devices that are available, but not fully used. Devices worldwide will be able to become part of the Benefit Loop.