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Serbian utility EPS upgrades to smart meters

Steve Rogerson
September 24, 2015
EPS, the Serbian state-owned electricity provider, is turning more than 216,000 electricity meters to smart meters in the first phase of a transition programme encompassing 3.3 million meters in Serbia.
French company Atos will manage and monitor the infrastructure to support the new smart meters. A consortium – led by Atos Worldgrid, with Sagemcom as co-contractor and supported by the local Atos team in Serbia, EWG (Serbia) and Hexing (China) – will manage the project that will be delivered in five regions of Serbia. The smart meters and supporting technology and infrastructure are expected to be delivered by the end of 2017 in accordance with EU Directive 2020.
The project will modernise the electricity distribution infrastructure in Serbia and ensure compliance with the latest regulations. The number of smart meters will grow over time and the new system is scalable and able to manage any number of smart meters.
The proposed installation is based on Atos Smart Grid Suite (ASGS) and will incorporate parts of Sagemcom including gateways, C&I meters and associated HES, PLC meters and M2M engine. EWG and Hexing will also supply part of the meters.
The software should improve the efficiency, management and the control of the power distribution system, reduce the distribution operating costs and losses, and improve the overall level of invoicing and revenue collection, thanks to daily and accurate data collection. The G3 PLC-based smart metering is for EPS and its residential customers, and fully connects commercial and industrial clients through the unified platform.
"The implementation of the smart metering rollout provides all operators with major challenges,” saidAlexander Obradovic, CEO at EPS. “We chose the Atos Worldgrid and Sagemcom consortium out of offers from various competitors as our lead partner due to their extensive international experience, and unrivalled track record in delivering such mission critical systems. They have already gained valuable experience in the rollout process in Europe and we fully rely on them as our long-term partner in this complex transition."
The installation is designed to become the foundation of EPS’s future smart grid operation. The ASGS platform is built as a smart grid-ready system offering multiples of services targeting optimised grid control and enhanced services to the end customer. As part of its smart grid suite, new data analytics modules are available and will be further enhanced to support EPS typically in term of advanced power losses management, enhanced distribution asset management, and value add, connected homes services to end customers.
"Atos Worldgrid is the European leader in the implementation of smart metering systems,” said Jerome de Parscau, CEO at Atos Worldgrid. “As the only service provider we cover all requirements throughout the process, from transmission protocols and concentrators up to the central data management. We are delighted with this smart metering project in Eastern Europe, a market with an impressive growth potential and we are proud to offer EPS the right expertise to make this transition a success. Our ambition is to become EPS key partner in their digital transformation.”
The EU Energy Efficiency Directive stipulates that in every EU country at least 80 per cent of consumers are equipped with smart metering systems by 2020.