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Chattanooga utility puts smart grid in mobile app

Steve Rogerson
July 5, 2017

With the threat of strong storms again affecting the Chattanooga area, EPB has introduce a mobile phone app the utility says will put the smart grid in the palms of its customers’ hands. The MyEPB app lets customers report and stay aware of outages, as well as manage their electric power accounts.
The app is available at no charge for use with iOS and Android mobile devices. It provides access to real-time smart grid data about outages, energy use, billing estimates and more. Users can also view the outage maps to see which areas are experiencing outages and where repairs are in progress.
Users can even set alerts to notify users when their power bill has reached a certain threshold or when an unusual power usage pattern may indicate that they need to repair their HVAC or hot water heater.
“The new MyEPB App puts the power of the smart grid in the palm of your hand,” said Andy Campbell, EPB assistant vice president, who led the development effort. “Whether you’re reporting a power outage or just want to get a better understanding of your energy use, the MyEPB app offers an easy to use interface with lots of valuable information.”
Established as an independent board of the city of Chattanooga in 1935, EPB is a municipally owned utility that provides electric power and fibre optic communications services as a means of promoting economic development and enhancing quality of life across the local area.
It serves more than 170,000 homes and businesses in a 1500 square kilometre area that includes greater Chattanooga, as well as parts of surrounding counties and areas of north Georgia.
In 2010, EPB became the first provider in the USA to deliver up to 1Gbit/s internet speeds using a community-wide fibre optic network that provides access to every home and business in its service area. In 2015, it became the first and, to date, only American ISP to make up to 10Gbit/s internet speeds accessible to all its residential and commercial customers as a standard offer.
The utility has used its community-wide fibre optic network to deploy an automated smart grid power management system.