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ePatientFinder, Allscripts launch trials heatmap tool

William Payne
January 18, 2017
Austin based electronic health record driven clinical trial sites software provider ePatientFinder and Chicago based electronic health record provider Allscripts have launched GeoPrecise, a heatmap tool that improves the way patient data is used for clinical trial site selection and patient identification. The two companies claim that this is the first time a software system can carry out feasibility analytics directly tied to a data-driven patient identification platform. The new application should accelerate the speed of set up and management of clinical trials, and improve their overall accuracy, when trials are conducted by healthcare providers using an electronic patient record system.

GeoPrecise is a patient identification and site feasibility analytics tool that is designed to enable clinical trial sponsors and contract research organisations (CROs) to use the analytics functions of ePatientFinder's Clinical Trial Exchange™ platform and Allscripts' 45,000,000 electronic health records (EHRs) in order to pinpoint and en-roll protocol-eligible patients in specific geographic regions across the country more quickly and efficiently than  before.

"Increasingly, patient recruitment and big data companies are providing heatmaps aimed at helping sponsors and CROs identify the best locations to place their studies based on the theoretical number of patients in that area diagnosed with a specific medical condition or disease," said Tom Dorsett, CEO and President of ePatientFinder. "However, the problem is, they have no way of placing those specific patients into clinical trials."

ePatientFinder's and Allscripts' GeoPrecise tool makes heatmaps actionable. "We're the only solution that is able to leverage big data sets, partner directly with physicians, and identify and en-roll actual patients in clinical trials from those data sets," Dorsett said.

According to ePatientFinder, other types of feasibility analytics and heatmap products provide a visual representation of the geographic areas patients are located in using de-identified data. If a sponsor or CRO chooses a trial site based on that type of siloed data, they must then begin a completely separate process of identifying and enrolling trial participants.

"GeoPrecise, on the other hand, seamlessly combines the power of Allscripts' massive EHR data set with ePatientFinder's sophisticated algorithms, three-tier filtering process, and the trusted physician-patient relationship to match patients with clinical trials for advanced care," Dorsett explained.

ePatientFinder works directly with medical practices to assist physicians in identifying trial opportunities for protocol-eligible patients, creating a new revenue stream for providers.

"This innovative approach to clinical trial feasibility analytics and patient identification is a major breakthrough — not only for trial sponsors and CROs, but also for the providers that use the Allscripts EHR system and their patients," said Jay Bhattacharyya, Allscripts General Manager, Payer & Life Sciences. "Without GeoPrecise and eRecruit, fewer physicians — and their patients — would have access to potentially life-changing clinical trials."