Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Jasper and Plat.One partner for enterprise-grade IoT

Steve Rogerson
April 2, 2015
Plat.One has formed a partnership with Jasper to provide a unified enterprise-grade IoT application and services management.
The two California-based firms aim to accelerate and simplify the process of connecting enterprises with a Jasper partner operator and managing their IoT services within Plat.One. This partnership pairs the visibility and management of enterprise IoT services that Jasper’s platform provides with Plat.One’s real-time data capture, analytics, business rules and enterprise integration. As a result, enterprises can develop and deploy complete, enterprise-grade IoT applications.
“For more than a decade, our focus at Jasper has been enabling enterprises in any industry to deploy IoT services, helping them transform from static product businesses to dynamic service businesses,” said Ken Laversin, senior vice president of worldwide sales at Jasper. “This partnership pairs Jasper’s IoT service platform with Plat.One’s IoT application platform, which will help accelerate the development and deployment of new IoT services worldwide.”
Jasper’s cloud-based IoT services platform lets companies of all sizes – and in any industry – rapidly and cost-effectively launch, manage and monetise IoT services on a global scale. With Jasper, enterprises get the real-time visibility and control that is critical to IoT success, including mobile service management, real-time engagement and support diagnostics, billing and business automation.
Plat.One offers a full-stack, enterprise-grade application platform for mission-critical IoT applications. The end-to-end service provides distributed edgeware that runs on end devices, connected with a device, data and applications platform that enables a claimed ten-times faster development and deployment of enterprise applications.
“As an enterprise-grade platform, we have long had a rich application enablement platform to monitor, manage and optimise the health of the solution,” said Filippo Murroni, CEO of Plat.One. “Jasper’s solution is a perfect complement to enable rapid, reliable and cost-effective deployments of large-scale IoT.”
This partnership also provides Plat.One customers with the ability to leverage Jasper’s footprint of global mobile operators. Jasper currently partners with 24 mobile operator groups representing more than 100 mobile operator networks worldwide, which enables enterprises to scale their IoT services globally. Together, Jasper and Plat.One hope to enable the rapid development, deployment and management of mission-critical, scalable and secure connected services from smart products and transportation to smart cities and manufacturing.