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Enel launches smart EV chargers

Steve Rogerson
January 14, 2020

Enel X, the Enel Group's energy business line, has launched its latest smart EV charging stations to speed the adoption of electric vehicles and support the decarbonisation of the energy and transportation sectors.
The North American product line builds off of its flagship charger, the JuiceBox 40, which has held best-seller status on Amazon for the past five years, and includes a suite of new charging stations – JuiceBox 32, 40, 48 and 80.
The JuiceBox level-two smart charging stations provide speed, performance and value to EV drivers businesses, car makers and utilities. Compatible with all EVs on the market, they can charge electric cars up to 14 times faster than a standard level-one charger.
The JuiceBox smart charging stations also come with upgraded specifications including de facto open standards OCPP and Open ADR, built-in cable management and security lock, Bluetooth setup, upgraded wifi via JuiceRouter, dynamic LEDs to show connectivity and charging behaviour, and access to Enel X's JuiceNet Green programme across the USA, which was previously only available in California.
The JuiceStand and JuicePedestal add flexibility to the product line with several installation, mounting and cable management options such as retractable cables for workplaces, multi-unit dwellings and other commercial usage. 
Enel X's IoT platform, JuiceNet, is now available in four editions – Home, Business, Enterprise and Utility. This provides a customised smart charging experience for residential users, small and medium sized businesses, larger enterprises, and energy providers. JuiceNet provides tailored capabilities to each segment and makes charging convenient by managing charging demand, providing real-time flexibility to the grid, and helping the grid become cleaner, cheaper and more reliable.
The smart charging platform also reduces the total cost of EV ownership through grid programmes, rewarding customers with JuicePoints, and infrastructure incentives.
"As EV ownership and renewable energy generation continues to increase, there's a growing need for smart charging to help communities reach ambitious clean energy and zero-emission transportation goals more efficiently and cost-effectively by using EVs as grid assets," said Giovanni Bertolino, head of e-mobility for Enel X North America. "We've demonstrated smart charging at scale with our 40MW virtual battery in California and look forward to expanding new market opportunities for vehicle-grid integration with this new product line."
Enel X offers fully networked, grid-responsive charging stations that enable businesses to increase their EV infrastructure investment. Designed for durability, reliability and efficiency, the commercial charging stations are said to offer cost-effective configurations that can be wall-mounted or ground-mounted.
JuicePedestal and JuiceStand are all-purpose commercial charging infrastructure, with universal EV compatibility and are suitable for workplaces, multi-unit dwellings and electric vehicle fleets. Affordably priced, JuicePedestal and JuiceStand offer multiple payment options.
Additionally, Enel X's expanded product line includes JuicePump, a 50kW DC fast charger, which is a good fit for commercial users such as electric vehicle fleets. And the JuiceRouter will provide connectivity for all commercial stations in areas with weak wifi signals.
Timed with the introduction of this commercial smart charging infrastructure, Enel X is installing 50 JuiceBox Pro 32s on 25 JuicePedestals at Gillette Stadium, the home of the New England Revolution and six-time Super Bowl champions New England Patriots in Foxborough, Massachusetts. These installations will support Enel X's broader energy advisory initiative with the stadium as the official energy partner of Kraft Sports + Entertainment.
"Kraft Sports + Entertainment greatly values sustainable operations, and these new electric vehicle charging ports will allow our players and guests to charge their electric vehicles through the cleanest energy sources possible," said Murray Kohl, vice president of sales for the Kraft Group. "We look forward to furthering our relationship with Enel to continue to provide our visitors with sustainable resources."
Enel X, a vehicle grid integration provider, has also recently achieved momentum with electric utilities in regions where there are ambitious carbon-neutral electricity goals. Recently, Enel X added two Washington State utilities and Hawaiian electric companies to its portfolio of more than 20 utility partners across the USA. Additionally, Enel X is part of DTE Energy's Charging Forward programme, which is providing EV infrastructure incentives and will encourage DTE customers to charge their electric vehicles during off-peak hours to help spread the demand on the electric grid.
"DTE Energy has recently set a goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, which strongly supports a move towards electric transportation," said Camilo Serna, DTE's vice president of corporate strategy. “DTE has also launched the Charging Forward programme to bring the benefits of electric transportation to all of our customers by supporting the deployment of EV charger infrastructure. Through our Charging Forward programme, DTE residents and businesses can qualify for home and commercial charging station incentives, with the JuiceBox being a qualified option."
In the USA, 23 states have implemented statewide greenhouse gas reduction targets, signalling a growing commitment towards a net-zero carbon future. Enel X's continued investment in electric mobility, with its evolved product line, and continued expansion of OEM, utility and commercial business partners, supports a dual-decarbonisation path and speeds progress towards this zero-emission future.