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Italy to start second-generation smart meter rollout

Steve Rogerson
July 5, 2017
Italy is planning to deploy its second-generation smart meters in 32 million households and businesses in Italy, replacing the current first generation meters.
The second-generation smart meter, designed and developed by E-Distribuzione, is one of the pillars of the Enel Group's investment plan for Italy, which is focused on renewable energy and digitisation, and is said to represent a concrete example of driving innovation in the country.
Enel CEO Francesco Starace and Livio Gallo, head of Enel's global infrastructure and networks division, presented the Open Meter project and the digital meter 2.0 to Italy’s prime minister Paolo Gentiloni last week.
The plan launched by E-Distribuzione envisages, over a 15 year timeframe, the installation of approximately 41 million second generation meters, of which around 32 million will replace the first generation meters and the remainder resulting from new connections and customer requests. The overall investment destined for the plan amounts to approximately €4.3bn, of which €1.3bn is for the first 13 million meters by 2019.
The installation will be carried out by some 250 contractors, involving about 4000 technicians around the country.
The new meter is said to be inspired by the concept of open, accessible, technologically advanced and sustainable energy. E-Distribuzione claims to be the first electricity distributor in the world to have already developed the second generation of the remote management system.
Designed by architect Michele De Lucchi and developed entirely in Italy by E-Distribuzione, the second-generation meter is the result of a process that reflects recent developments in the market and technological evolution in the field of metering and remote management.
Open Meter complies with the specifications for new meters provided for under Resolution 87/2016 of Italy’s Authority for Electricity, Gas & the Water System. With Resolution 222/2017 issued last April, the authority approved the installation plan for the new meters submitted by E-Distribuzione.
The installation of the meters will enable Italian customers without rate increases to improve their awareness of electricity consumption, gain access to new services and, looking ahead, participate actively in the new energy markets.